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This article provides an overview of the different settings on the Payment Options page, including Payment Fees, and how to create and upload Payment Instructions. 

In this article, you'll find:


1. View payment analysis

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options] and click the View Payment Analysis button at the top right to view more detailed payment analysis data. 




2. Payment fee settings & limitations

Certain integrated third-party Payment Options may charge additional processing or handling fees. These fees are typically charged to the merchant. If you want to pass on part or all of the cost of these fees to your customers, you can do so by setting up a Payment Fee for a given Payment Option. 


  • According to Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission guidelines, merchants should not charge customers an extra administration fee (additional fee) for one-off credit card payments (including transactions on LINE Pay and LINE Pay Money).
  • According to Hong Kong Consumer Council's guidelines, merchants must not add any surcharges to the transaction amount. Therefore, the "Payment fee" field for one-off credit card payments (including transactions on LINE Pay and LINE Pay Money) is set to "None" by default in SHOPLINE Admin, and cannot be changed by merchants.
  • Calculation method for Payment fee: (Subtotal - Discount - Custom Discount + Delivery fee) x Payment fee rate (%). Credit Discounts and Member Point Cash Redemption are not included in the calculation.


Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Find the payment option you want to change the settings for and click Edit, then go to the "Payment fee" field. 


Step 2

Select the payment fee type from the dropdown menu (None, Percentage, or Fixed amount) and then click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 


3. Set up checkout amount condition

Select Total order Over under the option for "Condition of checkout amount".



Enter the minimum total amount for every checkout.


  • Total amount = Item Subtotal - Applied Discount - Applied Store Credits - Applied Points + Delivery Fee + Tax + Payment Fee
  • The currency is preset to the currency set when the store was initially created.



4. Payment instructions settings

If you need to add instructions or notes for a Payment Option, you can add them in the "Payment Instructions" section. This is useful for Payment Options such as Bank Transfer/ ATM, as it allows merchants to provide customers with the necessary details (such as bank name, account number, etc.) needed to complete a transfer. 


Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Find the payment option you want to change the settings for. Press Edit and then go to the "Payment Instructions" field. The example below is for the Bank Transfer/ATM Payment Option.

You can type in payment instructions, as well as upload payment instructions in the form of an image. As the example shown below, a bank transfer QR Code is uploaded. 

Customers will be able to see Payment Instructions for a selected Payment Option on the checkout page (including Fast Checkout), Order Confirmation page, Order Confirmation email, and Uploading Transfer Details page.


*Notes: After you upload a new Payment Instructions image:

  • Checkout page: The most recent Payment Instructions image uploaded will be displayed.
  • Order Confirmation page: The Payment Instructions image in use at the time a customer checked out will be displayed (even if a new image has been uploaded and replaced). 
  • Confirmation Email: The Payment Instructions image in use at the time a customer checked out will be displayed


Step 2

If you check the "Display these instructions on the checkout page" box, Payment Instructions will be displayed automatically on the checkout page when the customer selects the corresponding Payment Option (see below).

If this box is unchecked, the customer will not see payment instructions until the Order Confirmation page.



  • You can only upload one Payment Instructions image per payment option.
  • Supported image format: JPG, PNG, GIF under 10 MB. 
  • If a Payment Option includes both text and an image for the Payment Instructions, then the image will appear below the text. 


5. Excluded delivery options 

Select which Delivery Options to be excluded from a Payment Option. For example, if the standard post is not available for the Cash on Delivery, then you can choose to exclude it for customers.



6. Upload transfer details 

Merchants can decide whether to allow customers to upload proof of a completed bank transfer using the Transfer Details Upload feature. Merchants will also receive an email notification once a customer completes the upload.


  • The Transfer Details Upload feature is only available for Custom and Bank Transfer/ ATM Payment Options. 
  • Due to data privacy rules, you must set a time limit for customers that have not registered or logged in as members to upload Transfer Details after confirming an order. It is recommended that the deadline for non-members to upload Transfer Details is no longer than a few days from when the order is confirmed. After the time limit is expired, guest customers can upload Transfer Details by registering and logging in as store members.
    • Example: If the Transfer Details upload deadline is set at 2 days after the order confirmation, and a customer places their order on 17 March at 16:00,  then they will be able to upload Transfer Details until the end of the day on 19 March without logging in as a member. However, the customer is required to register and log in as a member in order to upload Transfer Details after 19 March.mceclip0.png


7. How to upload Transfer Details

Step 1. From Order Confirmation page, email link, Facebook Messenger & LINE links

Once a customer has successfully placed an order, then they can upload Transfer Details via the UPLOAD PAYMENT PROOF link on either the Order Confirmation page or confirmation email. 

Confirmation email:

Order Confirmation page:


If you have enabled Order Update Notifications for Facebook/LINE, then an Order Confirmation and Transfer Details upload link can be sent via these two channels. 


LINE Order Confirmation/Transfer Details upload link:

If the customer has placed an order by leaving a "+1" comment on a Facebook LIVE-linked SHOPLINE livestream, then the Order Confirmation and Transfer Details upload link can be sent to them via Facebook Messenger. After the customer has uploaded Transfer Details, an automatic response will be sent with a "View Order" button to view the order details. If you change the order status, a notification will also be sent to the customer via Facebook Messenger. 



Step 2. Uploading Transfer Details

On the Transfer Details Upload page, customers will see the Payment Type and Payment Instructions/ payment instructions QR code. On the right-hand side of the window, customers can enter details of the transfer, including transfer time (optional) and any payment remarks (optional). 



Step 3. Transfer Details upload confirmation 

After the customer has successfully uploaded Transfer Details, merchants will automatically receive a confirmation email. Merchants can view details of the transfer in SHOPLINE Admin by clicking on ORDER LINK

*Note: The system will not automatically check to see if the Transfer Details uploaded by the customer are valid. Merchants must manually check and verify the Transfer Details, as well as manually change the status of the order afterward.


Step 4. Checking uploaded transfer details

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and click on Additional Filters. Select Transfer Details upload status from the "Add Filters" dropdown menu, then choose whether to filter by "Uploaded" or "Not uploaded". 


If a customer has uploaded Transfer Details, a blue icon will appear next to the order number. This icon will disappear automatically once a merchant confirms that the uploaded Transfer Details are valid.  



You can view the Transfer Details uploaded by the customer in the "Payment Details" section of an Order. Merchants can reference the Upload Detail Time when checking to see if a payment has been received. This information is also visible in the order activities logs.



Click on the Transfer Details thumbnail to view the image in full size. You will also be able to see the date the order was created and the order total. Once you have confirmed that the Transfer Details are valid, you can change the order payment status from the "Update Order Payment Status" drop-down menu in "Payment Details". 



8. Cancel the order by the customer

At the bottom of the payment settings page, you can turn on the toggle switch to allow customers to cancel orders. For detailed instructions, please refer to the FAQ on Cancel Order By Customer | Order Management.



9. Payment option applies to all promotion campaigns 

Remember to click Add in the lower right corner to save the set-up. After clicking Add, a window will pop up to ask if the option is going to apply to all promotions. 


Select the option for whether to apply the delivery option to all valid promotion campaigns. You can go to the Promotions & Campaigns page for editing in the future.

Note: The scope of automatic application includes the following promotion before or during the promotion period: 

  • Promotions
  • Free Shipping 
  • Bundle Price



A prompt reminder will appear at the top right of the page, click the link to view the progress of applying the delivery option to promotions.



After the setup, go to any promotion campaign page in the store to check that the delivery option that was just set up has been checked.




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