Online Store Domain or Address


*This feature is supported in the yearly plan only

A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. For example, or Setting up an online store on SHOPLINE, merchants can choose one of the following options to set their online store's domain/address. 


1. Introduction to domain

Simply put, the domain is what people call the URL. The address of your online store in the online world, and customers can enter your store through this URL to browse. 

A URL is composed of a combination of alphabets and numbers. To ensure the uniqueness of each UR L, the URL of each website is unique and cannot be repeated.

At present, domains are organized and managed by ICANN (Internet Name and Number Address Assignment Agency) which is responsible for managing the distribution of domain names and IP addresses. When you purchase a domain, you will need to fill in the domain registration information to facilitate ICANN to proceed with the registration. ICANN will conduct random identification check-ups. 


2. Basic shop address

After setting up an account on SHOPLINE, your store will receive a set of preset free basic shop address which ends with "". 

To check your free shop address by going to the Admin Panel > Settings > Domain Settings > Basic Shop Address (free). 



3. Custom domain settings 

Merchants using Advanced/Premium Plans can create a custom domain. Having a custom shop domain is like having an identity for a shop, which shows the uniqueness of the shop. It can also give customers the impression that the shop has a certain scale.

When creating a unique URL, please use terms related to the brand or store, so that customers can quickly link the URL to your business. 


Case 1. I already own a unique URL and wish to link the URL to the store created on SHOPLINE (POS plan not supported)

If merchants have an existing domain and wish to connect it to the online store that set up with SHOPLINE, merchants can add the following two records:


Note: Please do not use the free shop address to replace


After the setting, please contact your SHOPLINE online consultant through the online chat tool at the bottom right corner of the Panel dashboard. We will assist you to complete the follow-ups. Here are some references (some are only available in Chinese) to link the domain on some common platforms:

Link a domain hosted on GoDaddy

Link a domain hosted on PChome

Link a domain hosted on Cloudflare


Case 2. I do not own a URL, and I wish to own one custom domain (for Basic/Advanced/Premium Plans)

After subscribing to Basic/Advanced/Premium Plans, we provide each Admin backend to apply for a unique URL once. (A free offer is given to Advanced/Premium Plan merchants. Merchants using the Basic Plan can use their own domain, purchase a domain on their own or pay to register one. Please contact your online consultant to know more about the cost and details.)

The unique URL applied through SHOPLINE is in ".com/.net/.co/.me/.tw/" hosted by GoDaddy or OpenSRS. ".hk/" is hosted by the domain provider Hosting Speed. "" is hosted by Shinjiru.



For more details on domain application: Custom Domain Application


4. Remarks

  • If you have input the custom domain before upgrading to any of the subscription plans (Basic/Advanced/Premium), the system does not apply the domain on that actual day. The domain application would only proceed within 1-2 working days after the merchant has upgraded the subscription plan.
  • If the merchant has input an incorrect custom domain, please inform SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team (by clicking the button at the bottom right corner on the Panel dashboard) immediately. In cases when the domain has been applied for, the merchant would be responsible for any service charge incurred for the change of custom domain. To change the custom domain would cost at least HK$500/NT$2000.






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