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Once the Mobile App Management in your Admin is enabled, you can start designing your app. App Design includes different types of pages that will be displayed on the App. During the editing process, there is a preview feature available for all page types, which allows you to view the actual display effect on the app. Upon completing the App Design page, you can proceed to "App Publish Settings" to edit relevant configurations. Once finished, you can submit the first app publish review. 

For more information on App Publish Settings, please refer to: App Publish Settings | Shopper App

*Note: You must design the “Current Template” and “Brand Content” before submitting an app publish review for the first time. When publishing the app, you will need to capture images of the main page as the app store preview images. Please complete the App Design for all pages before submitting the first app publish review.


This article will cover the following:


1. Current Template

"Current Template" refers to the content displayed on the homepage of the app. There are two layout options to choose from:

A. Simple Template

The "Simple Template" is a fully customizable homepage layout, providing dozens of components to choose from and allowing you to drag and build according to your design needs. If you want your app to highlight personalized design and have a distinct style from your online store, it is recommended to apply the "Simple Template".

B. Mall Template

The "Mall Template" is designed to automatically synchronize the content from your online store's homepage. You only need to configure the content of the Top and Bottom Navigation in the app, and the rest of the sections do not require duplicate settings. When there are content updates on your online store, the app's homepage will automatically be renewed too. If you wish to sync your online store content to your app's homepage, you may apply the "Mall Template".
For more information on your store's template setting, please refer to: 
Store Template Setting | Shopper App



2. Brand Content

Brand Content includes the app name, logo, and splash screen.

The app name and logo will be displayed in the App Store and on customers' mobile device home screens. The splash screen is the first page customers see when they open the app. It is recommended to use a recognizable name or image that leaves a lasting impression on your brand identity.



3. Ads Settings

A. Full Screen Ad

Full-screen ads will appear after the splash screen when the app is opened. The duration of the ad will be longer than the splash screen. Customers can manually close the ad or it will automatically close as the countdown ends. It is best for marketing campaign promotional images as full-screen advertisement graphics. You can change the images at any time, and once saved successfully, the updates will be reflected on the app.
For further details on full-screen advertisements, please refer to
Full Screen Ads | Shopper App


B. Pop-up Ad

Upon entering the app's homepage, a pop-up ad will appear, which is suitable for marketing campaign promotions.
For further details on pop-up advertisements, please refer to
Pop-up Ads | Shopper App




4. Category Page Settings

The "Category Page" entrance can be placed in the Bottom Navigation of the app. The category page will directly synchronize the content from your online store's category page. It only requires a simple configuration to set the display style.
For more information on Category Page, please refer to:
Category Page | Shopper App



5. My Page Settings

The "My Page" entrance can be placed in either the Bottom or Top Navigation of the app. My Page allows customization of member components, while the remaining content does not require editing or configuration.
For more information on My Page, please refer to:
My Page | Shopper App



*Note: The system will capture the following main pages as the images for the App Store preview. Typically, there will be 3 to 6 App Store graphics, but SHOPLINE may make adjustments based on the actual situation. The pages are as follows:

  • The app homepage + the download gift pop-up window
  • The app homepage
  • The shop page
  • Category Page (If you don't have a native category page, the store page category page will be captured.)
  • The featured product list page
  • My Page



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