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After completing the "App Design" page, you can directly proceed to "App Publish Settings." Once you're done with the settings, you can submit the first app publish review. 
For more information on App Design, please refer to:
App Design | Shopper App

*Note: After modifying "Brand Content, Image for App Store, Third-party Integration Settings, and App Listing," all changes will only take effect after you submit a new app publish review. Please enter the relevant details carefully. 

This article will cover the following:


1. Developer account authorization

After successfully applying for developer accounts for App Store, Google Play, Firebase, and other related platforms, you can enter the relevant information of the developer accounts on the Developer account authorization page.
For more information on Developer account authorization, please refer to:



2. App Details

A. Brand Content

This section will display the status of brand content, such as updates pending release, already released, under review, etc. Click Edit to enter "App Design" for further editing.

B. Platform Feature Update Content

If there is a version update for Shopper App, all the latest content of this update will be displayed here. However, once you have submitted a version update for publishing and the App has been updated to the latest version, this part of the content will disappear.



3. App Preview

Upon completing all the edits, please use the "App Preview" feature to ensure everything is correct before submitting.


*Note: "Current Template" and "Brand Content" need to be completed before you can access "App Preview."


4. Image for App Store

Graphics for the App Store will be used for Google Play. Using images showcasing your brand name, logo, slogan, and product visuals as the theme images are recommended. This will help promote your application effectively on Google Play.



5. Third-party Integration Settings

Integration primarily involves integrating third-party login methods. Currently, the app supports two login options: Facebook and LINE.

*Note: Since Facebook and LINE require App Store and Google Play-related information during integration, please submit your first app publish review before integrating third-party login methods.
For more information on quick login and sign-up for Facebook and LINE, please refer to



6. App Listing

App Listing is essential information for uploading an app to the App Store. It will be seen on the product page of both the App Store and Google Play for customers to quickly understand the app and attract them to install it.

There are instructions provided next to each editing item. Alternatively, you can visit the App Store and view similar apps to reference their app descriptions.
For more information on how to complete App Listing, please refer to
How to Fill in App Listing|Shopper App



Once all editing items have been filled out and the app preview shows no issues, you can directly click the Submit an app publish review button at the bottom right of the page. SHOPLINE will submit the application for review in the App Store within 3 to 5 working days, and the App Store review process is expected to take around 3 to 7 working days. If the review goes smoothly, your app will be published immediately.



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