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*Note: This feature is available to Taiwan / Hong Kong stores.

You can use SHOPLINE's "Order Status Automation" application to set automation when the payment or delivery status of the order changes. The app can change the order's status to "Completed" once the payment or delivery status meets the conditions. If you use the Reward Campaign feature, member points or store credits will be assigned to customers automatically when the order is completed. This can reduce the cost of following up on orders and managing assignments of points and credits.

In this article, you'll learn how to


1. Install the app

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE, go to [Apps] > [Apps Store]. Click Install Now to install this app for free. Please see this article to learn more about app installation. 


Step 2

Go to [Apps] > [My Apps]. Click Open App next to "Order Status Automation APP" to enter the app page.



Tip: App reauthorization

Some apps require you to re-authorize it after
the official regular updates and optimizations.
Go to [Apps] > [My Apps],
and you will find the button showing "Re-authorize,"
and a prompt message requesting for permission to access for data.
Please see this article for details.
*Remark: You can close the prompt message,
and it will no longer appear after closing.



2. Set up the automation rule

Step 1

Click Create Rules to enter the setting page.



Step 2

  1. Enter the name of the rule.
  2. Select the conditions for the rule. Once the order meets your set condition, its order status will be updated to "Completed."

⚠️ Note: The conditions cannot be modified after saving. Please make sure the conditions are set correctly before saving.


The conditions are available as follows:

  • Payment Status: Paid
  • Shipping Status: Shipped, Arrived, Collected
  • Delivery Method: Delivery, Pick-up, Custom, Store Pick-up
    • Dropdown menus are available for "Delivery, Pick-up, and Custom." For example, Tcat - Room Temp., Others, etc.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 19.05.10.png


Step 3

Select the time to execute the update. You can set the effective time as immediately after or certain days after the set conditions are met.


  • You can set the effective time up to 30 days.
  • If the automation is set to take effect after certain days, but the order does not meet the filter condition on the effective date, its order status will not be changed to "Completed."  
    • For example, the automation rule is set to "Delivery Status = Shipped; Effective 1 day after meeting conditions." If the delivery status of an order has been changed to "Collected" instead of "Shipped" at the moment when the automation takes effect, the system will not change the order status.
  • Please set the "Delivery status" condition to the final logistic status. For example, "Arrived" for delivery orders; and "Collected" for pick-up orders. (Please refer to this article for the final status of various delivery options).



On the right side of the page, two rule templates can be applied directly: "Complete order once arrived," "Delivery or Store pick-up has arrived."



⚠️ Note: The delivery method must match a delivery status condition.



Step 4

Finally, choose whether to send a notification when the order status changes and click the Save button to complete the setup."

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 19.10.50.png


As shown below, once the order meets the rule condition, its order status will be updated to "Completed" and recorded in the order activities logs.



3. Notes

  • The order status currently can only be automatically changed to "Completed."
  • Only 3 sets of rules can be configured for the time being.
    Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 19.14.51.png

  • The system executes one rule at a time. The most recently created rule takes precedence.
  • If the order is already in "Cancelled" status, the system will not execute the order status change.
  • If you delete the rule or this app, the order waiting to be updated will not be executed automatically according to the rule.
    For example, the order status of an order is expected to be updated five days later. If you delete the rule before execution, the order status will not automatically update to Completed on the scheduled day. 

  • If it shows a prompt that requires app reauthorization, please make sure to reauthorize before proceeding with app operations, or you may experience some feature abnormalities.




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