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Merchants can create custom templates with SHOPLINE's "WhatsApp Message Template."

This article will cover the following:


1. Custom Template

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [WhatsApp] and click on the Message template tab. Then, click Create a Custom Template.



Step 2

Enter the template name, and select the template type: Marketing promotion or Customer service message.

*Note: The template name is for internal management only.



Step 3

Select the template language. You can set up different languages for one template.



Click the x icon on the right of the selected language to delete.



Step 4

Add a title (optional).

There are several content types for the title:

1. None

2. Text

Enter the text.

*Note: It supports inserting dynamic text for "Customer name."



3. Image

Upload an image.



4. Video

Upload a video.



5. File

Upload a file.

*Note: Currently, it only supports uploading a PDF file.



Step 5

Enter the template message text.

*Note: You can insert dynamic text for "Customer name."



Step 6

Enter a description (a short text at the bottom of the message).



Step 7

Add a button.

There are several types of buttons (currently only support adding only one button type):

1. None

2. Quick reply

Enter the button text in the "Button Content." For the "Button action," you can select Subscribe to the store messages or Unsubscribe from the store messages.

*Note: You can add up to 3 buttons.



3. Take action

You can add a button for "Phone Number" or "Visit URL."

Enter the button text for the phone number or visit URL button.



Step 8

Once the setup is complete, you can preview the message on the right preview area.



Once you have confirmed the content, you can save the template as a draft or submit it for review.

A. Save as draft

Click on the Save button.



In the "Message template" tab, you will see the "Pending review" status for the template. You can edit, submit for review, or delete the template.



B. Save and submit for review

Click the Save and submit for review button.



In the "Message template" tab, you will see the "Under review" status for the template. You can view, copy, or delete the template.



2. Send message template from Message Center

After the message template is approved, go to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] and select the conversation to send the message template.

A. Customers who interacted in the past 24 hours

Click the Send template message button below the conversation box, and all approved templates will show on the right. Click Send to send the WhatsApp message template to the customer.



*Note: If the template is in several languages, you can choose which language to send.



B. Customers who have not interacted in the past 24 hours

Click the Choose Template button at the bottom of the conversation window, and all approved templates will show on the right. Click Send to send WhatsApp message templates to the customer.



You can do the following in the Message Center:

  • Click View or Manage custom templates, and you will be directed to [Channel Integration] > [WhatsApp] to add or manage templates.

  • You can quickly search the template by the template name and type.

  • You can preview the template content of the selected language.

3. Notes

  • For the message template to be approved, please refer to the "Template Review Rules" before creating a message template.
  • If you need to revise the template content that has been submitted for review, it is recommended to do so on the copied version and submit it again for review.
  • One WhatsApp account can support up to 250 message templates, including "Custom Template," "Preset Template," and the message template created in the WhatsApp Manager. 
  • The message templates created in the WhatsApp Manager are not shown in the message template list at the SHOPLINE Admin > [Channel Integration] > [WhatsApp].
  • If the message template has several language versions, it will take up the quota of several templates. For example, if template A has Traditional Chinese and English versions, it will take up 2 template quotas.
  • If you create/delete the message template or edit the preset message template in the WhatsApp Manager, you will be unable to use it in the Message Center.



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