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The dashboard in SHOPLINE Admin gives you an instant overview of your store. Now, we are proud to introduce our new Retail Store Dashboard interface, which provides a more intuitive look into the data, making it easier for you to manage daily operations.

The new metrics in the Retail Store Dashboard allow merchants to overview store data and performance easily. This includes metrics such as Total Products Sold, Newly Added Members, Total Sales, etc. Let's have a more efficient and intuitive experience with the new Retail Store Dashboard.

1. Access rights

To give staff members permission to view the retail store dashboard, store owners can go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security] > [Edit] > [Admin Access Rights] and check the "Retail Store Dashboard" option.



Staff with access rights can view the retail store dashboard at [Dashboard] > [Retail Store].



2. Metric description



On the retail store dashboard, you can view the metrics for Total Products Sold, Newly Added Members, Total Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, and Gross Profit Margin. You can understand the real-time performance of your store with these metrics and charts.

Hover your cursor over the line charts to see detailed data for each time point. You can also filter the data by different time periods. Below are the descriptions for each metric:

Metric Description
Total Products Sold

The total number of products and product set sold in retail stores for the selected time period (deduct the product sold in cancelled orders but not those in returned orders)

Newly Added Members

The total number of new members registered in retail stores for the selected time period (Note 1)

  • "All Stores" displays new members registered in all retail stores
  • "Store" displays new members registered in the respective retail store
Total Sales

The total sales made in retail stores for the selected time period

Calculation method: GMV + Total Edited Value - Cancelled Value + Preorder (Paid Off) - Preorder (Outstanding) - Returned Value

Cost of Sales

The total cost of products sold (including general products and product sets) (Note 2)

Gross Profit

The gross profit of retail stores for the selected time period

Calculation method: Total Sales - Cost of Sales

Gross Profit Margin

The gross profit margin of retail stores for the selected time period

Calculation method: Gross Profit / Total Sales x 100%

Note 1: The data for Newly Added Members are updated hourly (not updated in real-time).
Note 2: The cost of preorder products is recorded only after the order is settled (paid off).


3. Dashboard interface

1. Select data period

Click on the Time Period button to look up the data based on the selected time period. It currently supports viewing data from Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, and Last 30 Days.



The dark-colored lines in the charts refer to data from the current period, while the light-colored lines refer to data from the previous period. You can move the cursor to either time point to view data comparison from current and previous periods. For example, if you select "Last 30 days" as the time period, the data from 2 November will be compared with the data from 3 October (data from 30 days ago).

*Note: To look up data before 30 days, please proceed to Shoplytics by clicking on "More data", as instructed below.



The following are the descriptions for each time period:

Time period Period description Compared to 

Hourly data from 00:00 to the last hour


Hourly data for yesterday (24 hours)

The day before yesterday
Last 7 Days

Daily data for the past 7 days

Past 7 days (compared with the prior week)
Last 30 Days

Daily data for the past 30 days

Past 30 days (compared with the prior month)


2. Switch stores

You can choose to view the data of your selected store. Click on the All Stores button to view the overall data of every store, or select the store name to view the respective store data.



3. More data

Click on the More data button to view more store data at Shoplytics. For more introduction to the data in Shoplytics, please refer to the following FAQs.

*Note: Staff with no access to Shoplytics will be redirected to the dashboard. Please contact the store owner for access rights.



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