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You can use the Sales Detail report to see information about Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and total sales that you've made over time. You can also use it to categorize orders by sales metric for a given period of time. Data will be updated every time the Shoplytics page is refreshed. 


In this article, you'll find:


1. View Sales Detail report

2. Metric definitions

The sales detail report provides the following metrics:

Metric Description
Gross Merchandise Value Gross Merchandise Value contains everything that contributes to the total amount paid by the customer, including the retail price of the product, and any delivery fees and discounts.
Cancelled Value Cancelled orders are those that have had their order status changed to "Cancelled" either by a merchant or by a shopper.
*Total Edited Value

The total value of orders that have been edited or split by a merchant, which caused a difference (higher or lower) from the original order amount.

*Note: When a customer pays off their preorder in a retail store, an additional payment fee might be incurred which will cause a difference from the original order amount. The amount difference will be listed in Total Edited Value.

*Preorder (Paid Off) The total outstanding amount of preorders that retail store shoppers paid within the selected time period.
*Preorder (Outstanding) The total amount of the balance for preorder items that Retail Store shoppers have not yet paid for the selected time period.
Total Returned Value  The total order value of all returned orders from retail stores.
Total Sales
  • Online Store Total Sales = Online Gross Merchandise value - Cancelled Value + Total Edited Value
  • Retail Store Total Sales = Retail Store Gross Merchandise Value - Cancelled Value + Preorder (Paid Off) - Preorder (Outstanding) - Total Returned Value
  • O2O Omni Channel Total Sales = Online Store Total Sales + Retail Store Total Sales
Cost of Sales

The cost of items (Products, Add-ons, Free Gifts) is included in the order at the time a sale is made, excluding shipping and other related costs.

Orders which are partially paid will have their cost value recorded when the full balance is paid off at the retail store.

Gross Profit Gross Profit = Total Sales - Cost of Sales
Gross Profit Margin Gross Profit Margin = Gross Profit / Total Sales *100
or ([ Total Sales - Cost of Sales ] / Total Sales) * 100

*Note: Total Edited Value information can only be viewed in the Omni-Channel and Online Store tabs.


For a breakdown of how the Sales Detail metrics are calculated, please see below:  

  • Positive indicators: GMV, Total Edited Value, Preorder (Paid off), Total Sales, and Gross Profit
  • Negative indicators: Cancelled Value, Preorder (Outstanding), Total Returned Value, and Cost of Sales. 


3. Sales Detail

This report shows the sales that you've made sorted by date. These are displayed in ascending order by default and are updated when the Shoplytics page is refreshed. 




If you are an O2O merchant, you can review overall sales under the "Omni" tab.


4. Sales Detail: by Order Number

You can toggle on "Show Order Details." (Turned off by default) to view order numbers and see how an order is recognized.

A. Omni-Channel display


B. Online Store display


C. Retail Store display



To find your order, you must search using the full order number. You can search for multiple orders at once (up to a maximum of 400) by separating each full order number with a space.



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