Apple Pay Setup & Customer Checkout Flow

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To provide a better customer experience, merchants can now set up Apple Pay as a new payment option. 

This article will cover the following:


1. Setting up Apple Pay

i. SHOPLINE Payments

*The feature is available to TWD/HKD stores or Taiwan/ Hong Kong stores.

⚠️ Note: If your SHOPLINE Payments account has not yet completed the review, Please refer to this article.


Step 1

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click the Add button to add the payment option.


Step 2

Select "SHOPLINE Payments" for the Payment Type, and select "Apple Pay" for the SHOPLINE Payments method.


*Note: If you currently use Apple Pay through Stripe, as our system doesn't support multiple Apple Pay payment channels simultaneously, please remove it before adding SHOPLINE Payments Apple Pay.


Step 3

Click View SHOPLINE Payments account to verify the domain name.



Step 4

On the SHOPLINE Payment account page, click Set up in the "Account settings" section.



Step 5

Click Domain Setting > Manage Domain, then click Add domain name.



Step 6

When adding a new domain name, please check the box for "Apple Pay domain name verification" to integrate your Apple Pay payment option. Click Submit to complete the setting.

*Note: You can add up to 5 domains.

  • If your store uses a custom URL, for example,
    Please enter
  • If your store uses a free SHOPLINE URL, for example,
    Please enter Please refer to the Basic Shop Address for more details.
  • If you are using the Social Commerce plan features, please also add

Please change the above example URLs to your store URL links. If you are unsure of your shop's custom URL or free URL, you copy it from your store homepage or refer to Online Store Domain or Address and Custom Domain Application.



Step 7

After submitting, the system will automatically jump back to the setting page. A blue exclamation mark icon will appear on the right side of the newly added domain.

Click Refresh the list. The domain verification is successful if the blue exclamation mark disappears.



If you see a yellow exclamation mark icon with the message "The verification payment method failed," please repeat the above steps to verify again.



Step 8

Once the verification is successful, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] and publish Apple Pay to complete the Apple Pay payment option setup.



ii. Stripe


  • To use Apple Pay as a payment option, you need to apply for and activate a Stripe account. Please contact SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team and wait for approval.
  • Stripe is currently only available to merchants located in Hong Kong & USA, supporting only HKD stores/ Hong Kong-based merchants. Supported currencies are HKD and USD. 

Transaction fee for Apple Pay: 3.4% + HK$2.35 per successful card charge.

For more details, please visit:


Step 1. Add Payment Options

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click the Add button to add the payment option.


Step 2. Setting up your account

Select "Apple Pay" for the payment type. Click Activate to start setting up your account.



Step 3. Sign in

  • Stripe new user: please enter your information below, then click Authorize access to your account.
  • Stripe existing user: click Sign in at the top right to login to your account.



Step 4

You will be redirected back to the SHOPLINE Admin after authorization.

Here you will see the system has updated the payment method with Apple Pay secret key & Publishable key.

You can now set up your payment fee, edit the name of your payment method for Apple Pay, and exclude any delivery options. Click Update to complete the setup.



Step 5

Log in to your Stripe account again. Go to [Settings] > [Payment methods]. Click Configure next to Apple Pay. Click the Add new domain button to input your shop domain. Click Add to complete the setup.






Step 6. Publish

Although Apple Pay has been added, it is still not visible in your store.

Please return to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Click Publish to start using this payment method in your store.



2. Customer's checkout flow using Apple Pay

To get started, customers need to add their debit, credit, or prepaid cards to their devices first.

Please check if the customers have fulfilled the following requirements:

Here, we'll demonstrate how to set up Apple Pay on mobile. Click here to learn setup procedures for other devices.

*Note: iOS users can use Safari and third-party browsers such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge to select Apple Pay for payment; whereas macOS users can only use Safari browser to select Apple Pay for payment.


Step 1. Apple Pay

When the customer confirms the order and is ready to checkout, they will find the ___2023-03-28___5.33.50.png bar. Click the bar to proceed to checkout.



Step 2. Payment authorization

The system will automatically jump to the Apple Pay payment page.

  • Desktop version: Customers can select to authorize the payment with a passcode / Touch ID.
  • Mobile version: Customers can select to authorize the payment with a passcode / Face ID / Touch ID.

Click here to check out other Apple Pay payment procedures.

Step 3. Order completed

An order is created upon successful payment authorization.



3. Order details and refunds

i. Order details 

To view the payment details, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] in the SHOPLINE Admin, click the order, and scroll down to the "Payment details" section. 



ii. Initiate refund

To initiate a refund for the order, click the Refund button in the "Payment details" section. Enter the refund amount and remarks. Click the Refund button in the pop-up window to confirm the refund.



4. Notes

  • SHOPLINE Payments Apple Pay currently does not support FamilyMart's frozen delivery service.
  • Bank cards issued in China are not supported for Apple Pay transactions.
  • The Apple Pay payment option is hidden by default. Please complete the domain verification first and display the payment method on the storefront.
  • This feature only supports payments on Apple devices and is limited to the Safari browser.
  • This feature currently only supports credit card payments in full and does not support credit card installment payments.
  • The timeout for Apple Pay transactions is 5 minutes. The order will be cancelled by the system if the payment is not made within the time limit.




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