Birthday Credits|Store Credits


 Merchants can create different promotional campaigns with discount incentives to maximise their sales and profit.

And you can give "Store Credits" to members when it is their birthday and allow your members to use the credits when they are shopping in your store.

Set Up Birthday Credits

Step 1:Go to "Customer Management" Tab

Select "Store Credits" 


Step 2: Set Birthday Credits

Under "Store Credits", you can turn on the toggle button for birthday credits.

Then you can set up the credit amount and validity period for birthday credits. If there is no validity period and the credits will not expire, please tick the box "Never Expires". Screenshot_2017-07-11_12.41.47.png 

*Please note:

1. Once birthday credit has been set, system will start to check the store's customer list every midnight and send birthday credits to the member whose birthday is on that day (i.e. check at July 1 midnight, members whose birthday is on July 1 will receive birthday credits).

2. When you set up birthday credits, make sure you set up birthday fields in Checkout Form/ Signup Form/ User Profile for members to fill in their birthday. You can activate this fields in Settings > Customer Settings.


You could also set up birthday credits by membership tiers, by offering exclusive benefits, your customers would be encouraged to repurchase in order to get into the higher tier as well as increase customers’ loyalty. (This feature is available to Enterprise/ O2O/ Cross Border plan)



Set Up Birthday Credit by Tiers

Step 1: Go to membership tiers settings

Please go to Customers Management > Membership Tier Settings.


Step 2: Turn on the feature tab

Click More Action > Edit in the tier that you would like to set up, then simply turn on the toggle button mceclip0.png


*Please note: 

1. As long as the birthday credits setting from Customer Management > Store Credits has been turned on, it would apply to every membership tier

2. When setting up birthday credits by tiers, it would replace the number of credits set from the Customer Management > Store Credits section, whether the amount is lower or higher.

3. If the toggle from Customer Management > Store Credits section is OFF but the toggle in membership tier is ON, customers that belong in membership tiers would still receive credits under certain conditions.

4. The setting record would be in Customer Management > Membership Tier Settings > Logs instead of Customer Management > Store Credits

5. If the staff has access right to Store Credits page but not Membership Tier Settings, he/she couldn't set up birthday credits by tiers.


6. If the staff has access right to Membership Tier Settings but not Store Credits page, he/she could set up birthday credits by tiers.

7. If a store is closed when Birthday Credits are sent out at the beginning of each day, the system will not automatically send out these Birthday Credits.




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