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The "Customer Overview" in Shoplytics can help you learn more about the performance from the aspects of customers, shoppers, and members. You can fully grasp the source of customers and consumption patterns to optimize customer management. 

*Notes: The data in this section is updated daily.

In this article, you'll find: 


1. Customer Base Growth

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Report & Analytics] > Shoplytics > Customers > Customer Overview.



The analysis chart in this section shows the number and proportion of four types of customers - customers, shoppers, shopper members, and non-shopper members in terms of accumulated and growth data by month. 

You can also click on the "Since Opening" drop-down menu at the top right of the graph to adjust the time interval of the data to be compared. The current data time interval is in years.



Metric Description
Customers The number of unique customers who interacted with the store e.g. completed orders, registered as a member, sent messages to the store, etc.


The unique shopper count that has created orders.
Shopper Members The unique member count that has created orders.
Non-Shopper Members The number of members who registered and yet made any purchase


  • Deleted customers, shoppers, or members are excluded from this analysis.
  • The number of customers, shoppers excludes customers in the retail store without signing up/ signing in.
  • In the "Customer Base Growth" block, deleting a customer will delete the customer from the time the customer profile was created.


2. Customer Age & Gender

In this block, you can check the statistics of your store's current customers who have filled in the system's preset age and gender fields so that you can understand the store's customer profile.


*Note: If you change the birthday format to MM/DD in [Settings] > [Customer Settings] > [Birthday format], the system will not be able to capture the age of new customers since they cannot enter their birth year. The "Customer Age" chart will only show the age information of the existing customers who have entered birth year (either YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM) before you change the birth format. For more information about the birth format, please refer to this article.


If you have not yet set up to collect customers' information, please go to the store Admin > [Settings] > [Customer Settings] > Present Fields to enable the feature. Please refer to this article: Collect Customer Information for the setup details. 



3. 1st Order Channel

The chart in this block lets you understand the channel distribution for customers to place orders for the first time. "Others" is the data from OpenAPI and imported data.
*Note: This data includes the order the customer created for the first time but cancelled later.



4. Customers & Members Source

You can understand the source distribution of the customers and members. The "Online" source includes orders and registrations from the Message Center. The "Others" source includes OpenAPi and imported data. Click on the drop-down menu at the top right to select to view the statistics of customers or members. 



5. Member Tier Summary

To find the most valuable membership tier, you can use this summary to compare the membership tier count, Average Order Value, and total store credit.



6. Export reports 

Click Export at the top right of this section page and select to export all reports or reports of specific indicators. 



After clicking Export, please wait and receive the reports from your email. 


7. Notes

  • The data in Customer Overview excludes all deleted customers; this applies to orders from all sources, such as OpenAPI and imported orders.
  • The data in Customer Overview also excludes all cancelled orders. For example, a shopper who registered as a member has only one order. If the order is cancelled, the customer will be changed from "shopper member" to "non-shopper member".


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