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SHOPLINE has launched the "Smart Assistant" feature, once enabled, the system will be able to identify customers' messages and provide relevant response suggestions. 

This article will cover the following: 


1. Enable the feature

Step 1 

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] and click the gear icon on the bottom left to open the setup page. 



Step 2

Click [Smart assistant] > [Smart Reply Suggestions] and switch on the "Smart Reply Suggestions" toggle to enable the feature. 



Step 3

Select which data source you would like to enable. The system will capture and analyze the "enabled" data source and match it with the content of the customer's message to provide relevant response suggestions to you. 

*Note: When the smart reply suggestions are enabled, at least one data source must be enabled at the same time. 


Data sources categorized as: 

  1. Message Center Saved Reply: The system will capture the title and content of the "Saved reply" template in the Message Center and match it with the content of the customer's message. 

  2. Post message auto-reply: The system will capture the keyword phrases and private message reply set in the Post Sales "Auto-reply content" and match them with the content of the customer's message. 

  3. Store product information: The system will crawl and capture the store's product name and product summary to match the content of the customer's message. 


2. Smart Reply Suggestion View

Once the feature is enabled, the system automatically displays smart reply suggestions relevant to this message when the customer sends a message. 



You can select a suitable reply, once you click on it, the reply will be inserted in the dialog box below, and you can send it directly, or you can edit the content and then send it. 



3. Notes

  • Currently only supports merchants from Taiwan and Hong Kong to use this feature.
  • Currently only supports displaying the top 3 most relevant suggestions to the customer's message. 
  • The smart reply suggestion for the latest customer message is automatically expanded by default, you can manually switch to expand or collapse.


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