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SHOPLINE's Smart OMO is the ultimate solution to integrate online shopping and offline service. It breaks the limit between devices, provides customers with a more integrated shopping experience, and allows merchants to capture clear information about customers, all of which benefit from the arrangement of push notifications, promotions, and campaigns.

This article will cover the following:

1. View Coupons

Step 1

To view coupons, scroll down to the end of the Member Profile page and refer to the "Coupon" section below the "Recent Spending Record." For more information on Member Profile, please refer to this article.



Only "published" coupons that meet the target group criteria will be displayed in the member profile. There are three types of coupons as follows:

  • Unclaimed coupons or claim limit has not been reached.
  • Claimed coupons that have not been used.
  • Single coupon codes with "Display coupon in member account" enabled. For more information, please refer to Promotions Step 3 - Set Benefits & Criteria.

*Note: The coupon arrangement from left to right will be: Retail store > Retail store / Online store > Online store. The same type of coupons will be arranged from oldest to latest according to the promotion time.


Step 2

Tap on the coupon to show Coupon Details (e.g., Promotion Name, Valid Period, Available Channel, etc.).



If the coupon is limited to selected products, it will display a link to the selected product list. Tap on View Product List and a pop-up notification of "About to leave Smart OMO" will appear. Tap OK and you will be directed to the selected product list on the storefront. You are required to return to Smart OMO on your own to continue the operation.




2. Claim a Coupon

To help customers claim a coupon, tap on the Claim button on the right side of the unclaimed coupon. The claimed coupon will turn with one of the following three:

  1. Use: Claimed successfully.
  2. Not started yet: Claimed successfully, but the promotion has yet to start.
  3. Online store only: Ongoing promotion but limited to the online store use, and is not applicable on Smart OMO App. *Note: Merchants can remind customers to use the coupon on the online store by providing product recommendation links to customers. For more information on how to use recommended products, please refer to this article.



3. Use a Coupon

Once you tap on the Use button, the system will notify "Once the coupon has been used, it cannot be restored." Tap OK and it will display the coupon code and barcode. During checkout, store staff can scan the barcode to apply or record the coupon (Depending on merchants' non-SHOPLINE POS setting).



Error Messages

"Single coupon codes for first-time purchases only" will remain on the Member Profile after use. If you tap on the Use button again, the system will display an error message and the coupon will be hidden. The next time you search for the Member Profile, the coupon will remain there until the promotion period ends.




4. Notes

  • During checkout, only coupons that are applicable to retail stores will be available to use with the Smart OMO App. 
  • We do not support using the coupon in POS App and Smart OMO App at the same time. After using the coupon on the Smart OMO, merchants will not be able to use the coupon again with the POS App.


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