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*Note: This feature currently only supports merchants using the Retails POS Plan + Promotions Module together with the e-Commerce or Social Commerce Plan. This feature is now not applicable to affiliate campaigns.

For merchants using EC/SC + Retail POS plan, you can discount campaign combinations that can be synchronized between online stores and retail stores. Add more varied discount campaigns such as Bundle Promotions, A+B Promotions, and coupons.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Add/edit the retail store promotion campaign

Step 1. 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions & Campaigns], then either click the Add button to create a new promotion or the Edit button next to an existing promotion. 


Step 2. 

In the "General Information" section, "Available Channel" is a required field with "Online store" selected by default. Check the box for Retail Store to synchronize the campaign with the online store. 

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When selecting "Retail Store" for the available channel, you can select to apply the promotion to all stores or specific ones. If you select "Selected stores," the store(s) selected will be eligible for this promotion. The applicable promotion campaigns are as follows: Promotions (order-level, product-level, category-level, one-time), Bundle Promotions (Bundle, A+B, Buy X Get Y).


  • If you select "All stores", stores added after the promotion is created will also be applicable to this promotion.
  • Hong kong based merchants need to have the "Advanced Multi-store Setup" module to set promotions using the "Selected store(s)" feature.




  • For merchants who are NOT using the Retail POS plan, you will not be able to check the "Retail POS" box.
  • Retail store supports free gift promotion. The applicable and currently inapplicable promotion campaigns are as follows:
    • Applicable campaigns: Promotions, Bundle Promotions, A+B Promotions
    • Inapplicable campaigns: Buy X Get Y Promotion, Points Campaign, Product Subscription PromotionsEN_free_gifts.png


Step 3. Select eligible category

Under "Set Purchase Condition", if you select "Select Categories over ...", there will result in three conditions: 

  1. Select Online Store for Available Channel: only show categories of online store
  2. Select Retail Store for Available Channel: only show categories of retail store 
  3. Select Online + Retail Store: categories of both shops will appear

Note: In the condition of "Online + Retail store"

  • If the promotion is only eligible for a specific category in the online/retail store, please ensure the products under the category are published. Hence, when you select respective products in the other channel, the promotion can be applied as well.
    • For example, in a "Get $100 off with purchase of over $1000 for soaps" promotion campaign, the merchant selects only "Soap" under the "Online Store Category," and all products under the "Soap" category are published. The promotion can also be applied when you select a respective soap on the POS app.
  • If you cancel the original "Available Channel" option when editing the campaign, the corresponding online store or retail store category will be hidden and unchecked.



Step 4. Set valid payment and delivery options

  • If you select "Retail Store" for the Applicable Channel, the system will bring in all applicable POS payment methods by default, and this action cannot be unchecked.



Step 5. Campaign preview

After completing all the settings, you will see the following information on the preview page:

  1. Details of the available channel 
  2. If you have selected a specific retail store for the Available Channel, it will appear as "Retail Store (Selected Store)".

  3. If "Selected Categories over..." is selected for "Set Purchase Condition," the Selected categories will show categories of the online store and the retail store separately. 
  4. If the "Retail Store" is selected for the Available Channel, the option of "Retail Store Payment/Pickup" will appear under Valid Payment & Delivery Options respectively. 



Available channel in the list of promotions

In the list of promotions, the "Applicable Channels" column will show "Online Store" and/or "Retail Store." If you select a specific retail store, the column will appear as "Retail Store (Selected Store)".8.jpg

You can filter the record by selecting Available Channel in the drop-down menu and then selecting Online Stores/Retail Stores, or Online Stores + Retail Stores.



Usage Record

All online store and retail store orders that have applied the promotion will be displayed on this page. Click on the Order No. to jump to the order details page. 


Click Export to view the channel applied (including Online Store, Retail Store, and Retail Store (Selected Store)) and the source of the order.



To learn more about setting promotion campaigns, please refer to this FAQ article series:

1. [Promotions & Campaigns] Step 1 - General Information

2. [Bundle Promotion] Step 1 - General Information

3. [A+B Promotion] Step 1 - General Information

If you want to skip the first step, here is the FAQ series: 

1. [Promotions & Campaigns] Step 2 - Set Target Group

2. [Promotions & Campaigns] Step 3 - Set Benefits & Criteria

3. [Promotions & Campaigns] Step 4 - Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options


2. POS order details and report export

i. POS order detail page

  • In the "Product Details" section of the POS Order Detail page, you can find the "bundle/bundle group" labels and the shop discount label. 
  • The subtotal will display the discount/coupon labels and amounts applied individually.11.png

  • If you have set a custom discount, in the "Product Detail" section, you can find the product applied with the custom discount labeled as "Custom Discount".



ii. Export POS order record

Discounts applied automatically will also be added to the POS order record.

  • Names of all promotion discounts (custom discounts, applied automatically) can be found in the "Order-Level Promotion" column and separated by commas.
  • The amount of all promotion discounts (custom discount, applied automatically) can be found in the "Order-Level Discount" column.




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