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In addition to WhatsApp, the SHOPLINE message center now supports sending order forms to customers via Facebook, Instagram, and LINE, so you can promote products in all aspects and improve performance.

This article will cover the following: 


1. Create an order form

Step 1

Proceed to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] > [Instant Message] management page and click on any message. 



Step 2

Click the order form icon at the bottom of the conversation window, and click Create order form.



Step 3

Complete the related settings.

1. Title

Enter the order form title with a limit of 30 characters.



2. Publish Status 

  • Enable publish status: This order form can be shared, browsed, and used. 
  • Disable publish status: This order form cannot be shared, browsed, or used. 



3. Product

Click the Select Products button and select the products to be displayed in the order form. 


Check the boxes of the products to be added, or bulk select by selecting categories. Once the selection is complete, click Add Product to continue.

*Note: The order form currently only supports adding a maximum of 30 products.



Step 4

After confirming the settings, click Save to save the form. 



In the "Order Form" pop-up window, you will see the order form you have just created. 

In the "..." icon on the right, you can edit or delete this order form and click Add to create a new order form. 

*Note: Currently only supports creating a maximum of 50 order forms. 



2. Send an order form

Step 1

On the "Instant Message" management page, click on the message you would like to send an order form to. 



Step 2

Click the order form icon at the bottom of the conversation window, and select an existing order form to send to the customer. 




3. Managing order forms

Besides creating and editing an order form from the conversation window, you can also click on the "gear" icon at the bottom left and click Order Form Settings to manage your order form.



A. Create, edit, preview, and delete order forms

In the "Order Form Settings," you can create, edit, preview, and delete order forms. 

*Note: Click on the order form to open the editing window. 



B. Copy order form link

Click the "Copy link" icon on the right.


Select a social channel and account. 


The system will automatically generate a link for this order form. Click Copy link to share this link with the customer manually.



4. Customer's view

A. Customer receives the order form 

When you use different channels to send the order form, the customer will receive your order form from the corresponding channels.

a. Facebook



b. Instagram






d. WhatsApp



B. Customer clicks the "Contact to order" button


a. Facebook

The page will direct to a Facebook Messenger chat window. It will not automatically apply the product items and quantities selected in the customer's order form to the chat window. The customer will need to enter the message content and send the message by themselves.


b. Instagram 

The page will direct to the Instagram account page. Customers need to open the chat window, enter the message content and send it.



The page will direct to the LINE chat window, and the system will automatically apply the item and quantity of the product selected by the customer into the chat box.

Customers can send a message directly, and you can place an order for the customer according to the message content.



d. WhatsApp

Refer to this article for more information.


C. Customer clicks the "Checkout" button

Regardless of which social channel the customer receives the order form, after clicking the "Checkout" button, the page will be directed to the checkout page of the online store, with a shopping cart containing products selected by the customer in the order form.

The follow-ups are the same as the general checkout process - fill in the relevant payment and delivery information to checkout.



5. Send product links

Step 1

In the Message Center, select the conversation to send product links.

Step 2

Click the Order forms icon at the bottom of the conversation window and select Send product link.

*Note: You have to create an order form in advance before you can send product links to customers.



Step 3

Select the product and click the Send product link button at the bottom right.

*Note: Currently supports selecting up to 30 products.



The customer will receive a message with the product link. (Below is the display on Instagram.)



When customers click on the link, they will be directed to the storefront's product detail page.





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