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SHOPLINE Live's Broadcast feature allows merchants to simultaneously send Broadcasts containing text, links, and product images, to all viewers that have left a comment on a livestream. This can be useful for reminding customers that have placed an order to complete the checkout process, helping to increase the conversion rate of your livestream.   

Please note:

  • Broadcasts can only be sent to viewers/customers that left a comment on a livestream, and that have interacted with your store's Facebook Page via Facebook Messenger within the past 24 hours. 
  • Broadcasts will only be sent from your store's main Facebook Page, even if the livestream has been cross-posted on other Facebook Pages. 


How to create & send Broadcasts

Step 1.

After entering a livestream for which the purchasing period has ended, click on the Broadcast icon in the menu on the left-hand side. 


Step 2.

On the following page, click [Create].


Step 3.

Enter a name for the Broadcast, and choose the messages you want to include. There are three types of message format available: plain text, an image, or a "card," which is a message that can include text, an image and a button containing a link. 

Please note:

  • Only one image can be selected at a time. Images must be in JPEG, PNG, GIF format, 4096 x 4096 pixels, and less than 1MB.
  • For "Card" message, it is required to add on "CreateButton".


Step 4.

You can use the action buttons at the side of the message to rearrange the order of messages within a Broadcast (i), as well as delete (ii) any messages you have created. 


(i) Rearrange message order 


(ii) Delete message 



Step 5.

Choose the audience that the Broadcast will be sent to from the [Target population] dropdown menu. The number of viewers eligible to receive a broadcast will be shown underneath the dropdown menu.


Merchants can choose to either send the Broadcast to all eligible recipients (i), or filter (ii) according to the following conditions: Cart (Any, Not Created, Created) Order(s), (Any, Not Created, Created), and Payment Status (Unpaid, Not Uploaded Payment Transfer Proof, Uploaded Payment Transfer Proof, Paid). 

(i)  All message customers 


(ii) Filter message customers targetpopulation4.png


Step 6. 

Once you are happy with the content of your Broadcast and the target population, click [Send]. 


After you have clicked [Send], all eligible recipients will receive the Broadcast via Facebook Messenger. Below is an example of a Card Broadcast:





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