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With SHOPLINE's "Facebook One-Time Notification (OTN)" feature, merchants can send the upcoming broadcast details to customers through Facebook Messenger, and notify them when the live broadcast starts.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Enable one-time notification

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook]. Click on the blue Apply button next to "One-time notification" and enter the setting page on Facebook. 



Step 2

In the pop-up window, click Apply to open the Facebook setup page. 



Step 3

Open the "Advanced messaging" setup page, click the Request button on the right of "One-time notification".  



Step 4

Once you have read the relevant terms and condition, click Confirm to enable the One-time notification request. 



Once enabled, the green check icon will appear. 



The "Already Activated" status will appear in the "One-time notification" setup window. 



2. Send one-time notification to customers

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live]. Click Enter to go to the backstage page of the livestream you wish to send one-time notification.



Step 2

Select the Broadcast icon on the left and click Add broadcast.



Step 3

When the live stream fulfills the conditions below:

  1. Cross-posting live stream (live posts on different Facebook Pages)
  2. Facebook Pages showing the live stream are connected to the Admin

Merchants can select to broadcast the message to all pages or any one of them. 


If merchants do not use cross-posting, they can still broadcast messages on main/sub pages. The name of the page will be shown in the Target population section. 



Step 4

Choose the audience that the Broadcast will be sent to from the Target population dropdown menu.


  • If you have never sent a one-time notification, you cannot select the option for "Customers who subscribe to One-time notification".
  • According to Facebook policy, if a customer does not interact with you through any Facebook channel within 24 hours, you cannot send system messages to the customer again.



Step 5

Enter the broadcast name and select Notification request for Broadcast content.


  • The broadcast name is visible internally to employees only.
  • If the "one-time notification" feature has not been enabled, the "Notification Request" button will be grayed out and cannot be selected.



Step 6

Enter the notification topic and content for the notification. After confirming the recipient list and all the content, click Send to broadcast message. To create more messages, click the Notification request button again.


  • Notification topic is visible internally to employees only.
  • The text limit is 65 characters.
  • Up to 3 notification messages can be sent at a time.



The notification message example is shown below. Customers can subscribe to one-time notifications by clicking "Notify Me".



Merchants can view the time, target population, number of sent messages, and send status in the broadcast message list. Merchants can also copy the messages by clicking the drop-down menu next to "View".


  • Please refresh the page first to view the latest delivery status of broadcast messages.
  • If you crosspost the live stream and send broadcast messages to multiple Facebook  Pages, the broadcast message will be divided into multiple record entries in the broadcast information list.




3. Send broadcast messages to customers who have subscribed to one-time notification

Step 1

Select Customers who subscribe to One-time notification for the Target population and select the notification topic.

*Note: Broadcasting messages to "Customers who subscribe to a one-time notification" is not restricted by Facebook's 24-hour messaging policy.



Step 2

Enter broadcast name and content.

There are 4 types of message format: Text, Text + Button, Image, and Card.

After entering the content, click Send at the top right.

For example, as illustrated below, merchants can click Create Button to add a live stream link. 


  • Sending notification requests to one-time notification subscriber customers is not available. 
  • Only one message can be sent to one-time notification subscriber customers.
  • Text limit varies with different message formats.



The broadcasted message is shown below.



4. Apply/save a template

A. Apply a template

In the livestream backstage, select the Broadcast tab. Click Quick Template



In the pop-up menu, select a  default quick template to enter the editing page.


  • Send next live broadcast notification request - the default "one-time notification" message. Enter the notification topic to send this message.
  • Send live broadcast preview - The system will send this message to customers who subscribe to one-time notifications. Select the notification topic, click the Go Now button on the right to add the livestream link, then send this broadcast message.


B. Save as template

If you customize a broadcast message or edit the template message content, you can click the Save as Template button at the top right of the page to save your customized content.



You can find your customized template in the pop-up menu for future use.

*Note: To edit or delete a custom message template, click the "..." icon on the right.



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