mcPrint3 Receipt Printer

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SHOPLINE POS operates with mcPrint3 Receipt Printer for printing out receipts or invoices. Please refer to the following for installation.

mcPrint3 receipt printer can be connected to the POS app with two methods: 

  1. Use iPad charging cable to connect iPad to mcPrint3 printer
  2. Connect iPad to mcPrint3 via Wi-Fi to the router connected by network cable

In this article, you'll find:


1. Hardware requirement

A list of hardware required to set up a receipt printer at the store is as follows:

  1. Wi-Fi Router

  2. mcPrint3 e-invoice printer

  3. A tablet device that has installed SHOPLINE POS app

  4. iPad charging cable 


2. Printer setup

Step 1

Go to the app Store and search the app "mC-Print Utility".



Step 2

Use the iPad charging cable to connect the iPad to the mcPrint3 printer.

Step 3

Open the mC-Print Utility app in the iPad, and confirm whether there is an mcPrint3  printer in the "Selected Printer" marked in the red frame below.


Step 4

On the app, click Printer Setting then click Memory Switch Settings.


Under Printer Control, select 50.8mm (406 dots) for Printable Area. Click Apply to save the setting.


Step 5

SHOPLINE POS connection settings

1. Connect mcPrint3 to iPad. (Choose one operation below)

  • Connect with the iPad charging cable: Plug the charging cable to the iPad charging port and the USB port of mcPrint3.
  • Connect iPad to mcPrint3 via Wi-Fi: Connect the Wi-Fi router to the mcPrint3 printer with a network cable, and open the [Settings] > [Wi-Fi] on the iPad to connect to the network shared by the same Wi-Fi router.

2. Open the SHOPLINE POS app and go to the [Settings] > [Invoices] to enable related functions.

  • If you have integrated the e-invoice feature, switch ON for the Enable invoice toggle button.
  • To only print out receipts, switch ON for the Enable receipt toggle button.

3. Wait until the status of "E-Invoice machine connection" changes to Connected



*Note: Please remember to install the black holder to fix the paper roll.


3. Printer reset

Before resetting the printer, please confirm the hardware problem with our.  Online Merchant Success Team to avoid unexpected situations.

*Note: While resetting the printer, please replug both ends of the network cable connecting the printer and modem. At the same time, please turn off the e-invoice feature of the POS app before reset.



Steps to reset:  

Step 1

To switch off the printer, press and hold the Power button ① on the right of the operation panel for more than 1 second. 



Step 2

1. Use the tip of a pen to press and hold the red RESET button ①  on the back of the printer.

2. Press the Power button ② to turn on the power (Please do not release the red RESET button).

3. When the blue light remains on and the green light begins to flash ③, release the red RESET button ①.



Step 3

Once the blue light remains on and the green light flashes, press and hold the FEED button until a hardware information list is printed out which indicates that the printer is reset.



After resetting, go to the POS app [Settings] > [Invoice] and enable the e-invoice feature.


4. Printer cleaning and maintenance

Step 1. Turn off the power

Turn off the power, and then unplug the power plug from the power outlet.



Step 2. Open the printer front cover

Pull open the front cover lever image3.png , then open the front cover image5.png.



Step 3. Clean the print head

Use a dry cotton swab to wipe the heating area of ​​the print head. Remove the black paper dust accumulated on the surface of the thermal print head.


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