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6.All_EN_Shoplytics-Pro.pngWho are the super sales in your retail stores? Who are the sales that are not performing well? Merchants are able to observe the rank of your staff by their sales amount, no. of orders, and AOV. You can reward your staff or schedule staff training programs to boost their sales according to the data.

*Only merchants with POS plan have this feature. EC merchants will not see this page in Shoplytics.



Staff Performance

Staff performance table shows the performance of each current retail store staff.

Note: if the staff is removed, it will not be shown.___2020-11-27_19.03.36.png

Index Index Description
Sales Amount The total sales amount of staff in the selected period. The actual amount received only. (outstanding payments of pre-orders are not counted)
No. of Orders The number of orders created by the staff in the selected period.

The higher the average order value (AOV), the more the staff sales with the same number of orders.
Calculation: Sales Amount ÷ No. of Orders


If you want to observe the change of staff sales between different periods, you can do it by selecting a comparison period.



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