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After checking out products with the POS app, the store staff may need to modify the order information through the Admin due to various reasons. For example, the staff made an input error, or customer information was incorrectly recorded, which causes the purchase amount cannot be linked with the customer account. In these cases, you can modify the order information or transfer the order in the Admin.

This article will cover the following: 


1. POS order information overview

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Order Management] > [Orders] and click the POS tab. 



i. Return order, cancel order

There are "Return" and "Cancel Order" buttons at the top right of the general orders and preorders details page. Please refer to the Return and Refund | POS Admin and Cancel and Delete Orders | POS Admin for detailed steps.Screen_Shot_2022-08-12_at_11.31.50_AM.png

If the payment status of the order is "Unpaid" or "Payment Failed", the "Return" and "Cancel Order" buttons on the top right corner will be hidden and cannot be clicked.  


ii. Order detail

The Date, Order Type, Order Status, Sales, and Store will display in the Order Detail section. 


Click the Edit button to change the sales personnel. 


iii. Transaction details

You can find "Transaction detail" and "Transaction history" In the Transaction Detail section.

  • Transaction detail will display: Payment status, order amount
  • Transaction history will display: Transaction no., Date, Transaction Amount, Payment Method, Invoice No., Tax ID., Staff, and Note. 


Click the Transaction details button under the Transaction no. field, and the transaction details will open in a separate tab. 


Orders using SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options

*Note: This feature currently only supports Hong Kong and Taiwan merchants. 

The payment method field will display whether there is a payment fee, amount, and payment status, including payment successful, failed, or unpaid. 


For Hong Kong merchants, the payment fee will be shown under "Payment Method". If you set up a payment option with no payment fee, customers will not be required to pay any additional fee at checkout.

Click Edit in the transaction details section, the following fields can be edited: 

  • Payment Method
  • Transaction Amount: (Note: The total amount cannot be modified)
  • Staff (For example, the staff operating the exchanges)
  • Note


⚠️ Note: While editing the SHOPLINE Payments POS order (Example: Alipay HK), if you click "Edit" Alipay(HK), the credit card amount will be grayed out and unable to edit. 


4. Customer information and transferring orders

In the Customer Information section, click the order account, and the customer details page will open in a new tab.
Click Reassign Order to transfer this order to another customer. For more details, please refer to the second section



5. Order Activities Logs 

This section will record all the changes in the detail of the order, such as changes in order status and transaction status. If there is a transfer order, it will also be recorded in this section.



6. Product detail

This section will display the product details and the amount of the order. If the order is discounted with points, it will be displayed under "Subtotal". The points earned by the customer for this order will appear under the "Total". SHOPLINE Payments POS orders support displaying the "Payment Fee" field.

*Note: This feature currently only supports Hong Kong merchants. 




2. How to transfer POS orders

You can adjust the owner of the order through the Admin, transfer the order to another account, and accumulate the purchase amount to the new owner's account. 

Step 1. Click Reassign Order

Click to enter the details page of the POS order you want to transfer, scroll down to 
Customer Information, and click the Reassign Order hyperlink.


Step 2. Search for customer information to be transferred 

In the "Transfer Order" pop-up window, you can search for the customer's name, mobile number, or email to find the customer's information to be transferred. Finally, click the Reassign button to transfer the order. 


Once you have clicked the reassign button, a "Successfully reassigned" prompt will appear at the top right of the page, as shown below. 


In the "Order Activities Logs" section of the order, you can view the time of the order transfer, the operator, and the customer account to which the order was transferred. 



*Note: After the order is transferred, you can view the transferred customer information in the order details on the POS app.




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