Facebook Domain Verification

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Facebook recommends verifying your business as a security measure and to ensure trust between you and your customers. Having your business verified by Facebook involves both business verification and domain verification.

Verification demonstrates that your business is authentic by providing proof of ownership. It is also needed if you want to apply for Instagram Shopping. This article will show you how to get the domain for your SHOPLINE store verified by Facebook. 

*Please note: Support for Facebook Pixel is only available for unique domain names. Support is not provided for use with a free SHOPLINE domain name. In addition, if the 301 redirect for your domain is not set as your store’s URL, please verify your domain with your web host using DNS verification and the TXT record provided by Facebook.  


How to get Facebook verification metadata for your domain

1. Log into Facebook Business Manager 

First, log in to Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager allows you to manage assets and permissions for your Facebook pages. If you do not yet have, or have not yet set up Facebook Business Manager, please refer to this article.  


2. Add your domain in Facebook Business Manager 

After you log in, under the Facebook Business Settings menu go to [Brand safety] > [Domains] > [Add].mceclip1.png

Enter your store's domain name into the [Domain name] box, then press [Add Domain]. Do not include certificate prefixes in the domain address. For example, if your domain is https://trasshbat.co.uk then enter trasshbat.co.uk 



3. Meta-tag verification 

After adding a new domain, go to [Brand safety] > [Domains] and then [Meta-tag Verification]. Copy the meta-tag from the [Meta-tag Verification] tab. Note: When pasting the meta-tag in SHOPLINE Admin, only include the metadata highlighted in red below. mceclip0.png



Adding Facebook domain verification metadata in SHOPLINE admin

1. Return to SHOPLINE Admin

After copying the verification meta-tag from Facebook Business, in SHOPLINE Admin go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings] then scroll down to [Third Party Domain Tools].mceclip4.png

2. Paste the verification code metadata 

In the [Facebook Domain Verification] field paste the meta-tag data copied from Facebook Business Manager. Delete the metadata before and after the verification number. For example, if the verification meta-tag is:

<meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="123fakeverification487" />

Then enter 123fakeverification487 into the Facebook Domain Verification field and press [Update].mceclip5.png


3. Finish verifying your domain 

In Facebook Business Manager, go to [Domain] and select the domain you want to verify. Under the [Meta-tag Verification] tab, press the [Verify] button.mceclip7.png


If the verification has been successful, the indicator next to your domain name at the top of the window will turn from red to green. FBE_finish.png



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