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To facilitate POS order management, orders are divided into Normal Orders, Pre-orders, Returned Orders, and Exchanged Orders. Merchants can find the order more easily with the search and filter function. 

In this article, you'll find:


1. Search order

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and click the POS tab.

The management permissions of the "POS Order" page have been subdivided into three kinds of permission - "View", "Edit" and "Delete". Only those with permissions can perform the corresponding operations. For details, please refer to this article


There are four ways to search: Keyword, Order No., Transaction No., and Phone Number.

1. Search by keyword: Name, Phone number, Email, and Product name.



2. Order No.: Separate the numbers with spaces. The search limit is 400 entries.



3. Transaction No.: Only support searching for a single transaction number. Use the exact number for the search.



4. Phone number: Filter orders using the customer's phone number. Use the last three digits of the phone number for the search.



*Note: The transaction number can be checked in the transaction record on the POS app.



2. Order type 


To know more about making preorders, please refer to Preorder | POS app.

To know more about return and exchange orders, please refer to Returns & Exchanges | POS app.


3. Filter order 

Merchants can accurately dig out the orders using the filtering function. 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders], select the POS tab. The filter conditions and content are as follows:

  • Order Status: Confirmed / Completed / Cancelled
  • Payment Status: Paid / Refunded / Unpaid / Partially Paid
  • Date range: The date of the order creation 
  • Store: All stores or an individual store


Step 1. Filter orders

Merchants can filter orders by narrowing the result to the Order Status, Payment Status, Store, etc.



Step 2. Add filter conditions

Merchants can add multiple filter conditions to the search, such as the date range of the order creation and the store name.



3. Filter using customer's name / email / product name

Besides adding the filter conditions, merchants can also enter customer's name / phone number / email / order number, product name, etc. to look for the order that matches all the conditions and keywords.



4. Export order and transaction details

Step 1. Export order report

Go to [Order Management] > [Orders]. Select the POS tab and click the Export Orders button at the top right.



Step 2. Select report type

  • Order: List the items purchased in the order one by one for each order.
  • Transaction: List the payment methods and payment amounts involved one by one for each transaction.



Step 3. Select export range

  1. Current Page: Only applicable when the export type is "Order Details". If you add a filter condition on the order list page, the system will automatically apply it and export relevant information.
  2. Customized Range:
    • Order Details: The range limit is 100 days. If there are filter conditions on the order page, the system will apply that to the report.
    • Transaction Details: The range limit is 100 days. The filter conditions currently only support "Stores", and the system will apply the conditions to the report.



Step 4. Download report

After clicking Export, the report will be sent to the administrator's email. The report is also available for download from [Report & Analytics] > [Bulk Action Process].







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