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*This feature is supported in the yearly plan only.

SHOPLINE has launched a new domain setup to enhance your website's security mechanism. If you have already set a custom domain redirect, please follow the instructions below to connect your custom URL to your store and set it as the store URL.


This article will cover the following:


Step 1. Log into your DNS panel and add the CNAME record

Please log into the "Domain Hosting Platform" used for your domain and navigate to the DNS setup section. Configure the following record for the domain:


i. Add a new CNAME record as below: 

Host Subdomain
Record Type CNAME
Point to/ Destination your complete custom



*Note: The example below is only for reference. Please fill in the actual domain content as per your website URL.

Assuming the store's website URL is "", the CNAME record to be filled in should be as follows:

Host www
Record Type CNAME
Point to/ Destination


Once the above CNAME record is set up, you can view the record in the DNS panel.



ii. What is my subdomain? 

Please go to the homepage of your web store. In the browser's address bar, you will see the complete URL of the store. The content between the "/" symbol and the "." symbol is your subdomain.

Take the example below. Suppose your URL is "", and you want to link this URL with the SHOPLINE store, then the "Subdomain" in the record will be "www".



Step 2. Wait for it to take effect

Upon completing the record setup in Step 1, it shall take some time for the changes to take effect. We recommend that you use the "blue chat bubble" (see below) at the bottom right in SHOPLINE Admin to contact the Online Merchant Success Team. Let them know that you have completed the setup to facilitate the checking and confirmation process.

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