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SHOPLINE launched the Live Comments Management feature. During the live stream broadcast, customers can place their orders by entering keywords, merchants can also help customers add products to their shopping cart and guide them to checkout. 

*The following features are available for users who link to Facebook Live or use SHOPLINE Live and sync to Facebook Live, messages will be sent to customers via Facebook Messenger.


In this article, you'll find:


1. Placing orders by entering keywords

When a customer enters "keyword + number" and successfully places an order, the message shown in the SHOPLINE Live backstage will contain

  • Message content
  • Product names, variation, and quantity labels.
  • Payment statement labels.

Merchants can quickly identify the product(s) that customers add to their shopping cart, and their payment status.


2. Viewing buyer's name in product list

When the customer comments the keyword and adds the product to their shopping cart successfully, the word Buyer will appear in the product list on the left. Click to view the total number of customers who have added the product to the cart, their name, and the total number of the product added to the cart.


  • If the product has multiple variants, the word "Buyer" will appear next to the variant.
  • If a product has not been added to the cart by the customer, the word "Buyer" will not appear.
  • If a customer leaves multiple messages and adds the same product to the cart, the customer's name will appear in the "Buyer's information".


You can copy the buyer's information and announce it manually.


Alternatively, click on the Announce buyer's name button to show the buyer's name in the live comment section.


  • Editing the message content of "Announce buyer's name" is currently not supported. 
  • The text limit of the "Announce buyer's name" message is 8000 characters. If the buyers' names exceed the limit, the system will automatically omit the content that exceeds the limit.


3. Adding products to carts manually for customers

In case a customer leaves an ordering comment that does not contain any keyword, a shopping cart icon will appear next to that comment. Click on the icon to add the products to the customer's shopping cart and send them a notification message. 


A product list window will pop up after clicking the icon. Click the "shopping cart" icon next to the product to add the corresponding product to the customer's cart. 


  • Enter the product name/ keyword in the search field to speed up your product search.
  • Click the drop-down menu of the product to view all variations of the product.
  • If the Available Quantity for a product is 0, it cannot be added to the cart.
    If you have enabled the “Preorder” feature and set a preorder quantity limit for the product, the Available Quantity will be your current inventory and pre-order limit combined together. Please refer to this article for more information on the preorder feature.


Merchants can also add gifts to a customer's shopping cart by going to the Select Gift tab.


After successfully adding the product to the shopping cart, you can edit the quantity, or delete the product. Then click Send Cart Link to send it to your customer's Facebook messenger.


Customers will then receive a message from the merchant with a link to the shopping cart, making it easy for them to complete the checkout process.




  1. When manually adding products to carts for customers, an alert will appear if there is an insufficient inventory of the product.
  2. You can only send the cart link to one customer per comment, so if you would like to edit/ add more products to the customer's account, you will need to ask the customer to leave another comment. 


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