Chatbot Store on Facebook Messenger - Welcome Template

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With the welcome message template designed for you by SHOPLINE, you can quickly create a "welcome message" script with one click, and you can change all the settings of the script according to your needs.
When interacting with the chatbot for the first time, this template allows customers to browse the homepage of the online store and sign up quickly through URLs. It also allows customers to trigger the ‘Explore Product’ script and have a quick and convenient shopping experience. Meanwhile, customers will leave a perfect impression of your brand.

In the article, we will introduce the following topics:


A. Introduction to Welcome Template


All the settings of the Welcome Template are customizable. You can edit it by referring to Chatbot Store on Facebook Messenger FAQ.

1 - All the triggers of this script

The ‘First initiate conversation’ trigger is applied to Welcome Template by default. The template will be triggered when customers click “Get Started” on your Page for the first time. You can also set the other triggers of this script.

2 - Welcome Message

A welcome message is pre-set you can edit the message as you like.

3 - a URL button linking to the sign-up page on online store

Customers can open the sign-up page in the Messenger in-app browser and sign up through the URL.

4 - a script button linking to Explore Products script

Create a good “In-chat Shopping” experience for customers. Customers can browse the Category and product in Messenger through the Explore Products script.

Read More: Chatbot Store on Facebook Messenger - Default Script

5 - a URL button linking to your online shop homepage

Customers can open your shop homepage in the Messenger in-app browser through the URL.



B. How to set up the Welcome Template

Step 1: Go to the Admin > [Customer Management] > [Chatbot Store] and then click the Quick Template button to add a template.1_add_template.png


Step 2: Choose Welcome Template and click the Try Now button1_choose_template.png


Step 3: You can edit the content of the template according to your particular needs and then click  Publish to publish the script.



C. On Facebook Messenger for Customers

When customers click Get Started on your Page for the first time, they will successfully trigger the Welcome Template. (As shown in the image below.)

3.1_sample.png              3.2_sample.png






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