LINE Ads Tag (LAP Ads) Event Tracker Settings

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SHOPLINE's "LINE Ads Tag" feature will support merchants in tracking advertisement performance with the event tracker when running ads, allowing them to modify their strategy accordingly.

This article will cover the following: 


1. How to obtain LINE Conversion ID

A. If you want to track LINE message conversion performance

Log in to the LINE Official Account Manager. In the left menu, click [Data controls] > [Tracking (LINE tags)]



Scroll down to the "Event codes" section, click Conversion codes and copy the complete code within the single quotation marks. 



B. If you want to track LINE Ads conversion performance

Log in to LINE Ad Manager, click the Ad accounts tab, then click the Ad account name. 



Click the left menu and click Tracking (LINE tag).



Scroll down to the "Conversion code section" and copy the complete code in single quotation marks.



2.  Steps to set up

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Marketing & Tracker] > [Tracker Settings]. In the "Add tracker" section, there will be a button for "Line Tag (LAP)."



Step 2

A. Tracking event

Click the LINE Tag (LAP) box to enter the setting page. You can select to track the event when customers load any page in your store or add multiple tracking events by selecting from the drop-down menu.



You can track specific events by selecting them in the drop-down menu. Click x to remove the selected events.

*Note: If you want to track all six events simultaneously, please select the tracking event "A customer has loaded any page in my store." 


Please refer to the following table for each event and its trigger condition:




B. Conversion ID

Enter the Conversion ID you obtained, limited to 50 characters.

*Note: Currently, only 1 set of LINE Ad tracking ID (LAP) is supported via the Admin. Please fill in the correct code as required. The ID takes effect in 12-48 hours, and the ID will be returned according to the trigger conditions of the tracking event. 



A reminder will appear if the ID you enter exceeds the character limit.



Step 3

Click the Save button to save the settings above. EN_5.png


A green check mark will appear at the top left of the "LINE Tag (LAP)" box.

*Note: After setting the LINE Ad tracking codes (LAP), it is conservatively estimated that it will take about 12 - 48 hours to start collecting data, and the data will not be updated immediately. 



Scroll down to the "Tracking Service" section to view the created "LINE Tag (LAP)" tracking event and conversion ID. You can edit and delete the tracker afterwards.







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