Google Tag Manager Setup


Google Tag Manager (GTM) can help you easily install various tracking codes and third-party applications into the store without modifying your website code. This reduces errors and saves you from having to ask a website developer to deal with it. To deploy new features or content to your site.



Setting Step

Step 1: Create a Google Tag Manager account

Go to Google Tag Manager page and click "Sign in to Tag Manager" to sign in to your Google Account.EN_Step0.png


After login, please click "Create Account"EN_Step1.png


Step 2 : Account Setup

  • Account name: Enter your store name
  • Country: Select where your store is available



Step 3 : Container Setup

  • Container Name: Change your online store URL, for example: (be sure to change to your store URL.)
  • Target Platform: Web

After setting, please click "Create".



Step 4 : Agree with Google Terms of Service

Check the box " I also accept the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR." under the bottom left of page. and click " Yes " on top right corner.EN_Step4.png


When this page shows up, just click on " X " on top right corner.EN_Step5.png


Step 5 : Get Tag Manager ID

Afterwards, go to your "Container" and copy the Google Tag Manager ID as shown above.EN_Step6.png


Step 6 : Install Code

Go back to your admin panel and go to "Marketing & Tracker" > "Tracker Setting" then choose "Google Tag Manager".EN_Step7.png


Just paste the copied ID into the input box "GTM-XXXXX" and click "Add" to save.EN_Step8.png



Install third-party tools

If you want to embed third party tools through Google Tag Manager, for example Pop-up windows, Live chat features etc, you could add a "Custom HTML" tag, and put the required html code into the column. Then set the trigger as "Window Loaded". 

After you have saved the tag, you could press "Preview" to check the settings and then "Submit" the tag. And press "PUBLISH" to set done.

Please be reminded that if you embed third party tools into your shop, it may affect SHOPLINE system functions. Issues such as slow browsing speed may result. SHOPLINE will not be responsible for such issues.


Note : If you would like to install SUMO plugin via Google Tag Manager, please proceed to for the latest version of the plugin.






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