Customer Registration & Login Methods

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The ShopperApp currently supports 5 registration and login methods. In this article, you will learn how to set the corresponding methods according to your needs.

For more details on customer logins, please refer to Email Verification for Sign Up, Mobile Number Sign Up and Login.


2. Facebook / LINE / Apple ID registration and login

To enable Facebook / LINE for registration and login in the app, you need to add a third-party service by going to [Mobile App Management] > [App Publishing Settings] and selecting "Facebook Login" or "LINE login." for setups. 



  • If the app supports third-party login, it must support Apple ID login. Merchants are not required to set up; ShopperApp will assist merchants with the Apple ID login setup.
  • The first release of the app does not support third-party login settings. After setting up third-party login, you need to submit an app publish review. The app will take effect only after successfully being reviewed in the app store.






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