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You can select to use Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, and other accounts as the app customer service channel according to your needs. Customers can contact you conveniently and quickly with different social media platforms, and thus improving customer satisfaction.


Step 1

Go to SHOPLINE Admin [Mobile App Management] > [App Settings] and click Customer Service Settings.



Step 2

The system defaults that all customer service channels are closed, switch on the toggle to enable the customer service channels you need and fill in the corresponding links according to the prompts.

Click Renew to complete the settings.

You can process customer messages in [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] in the Admin.



  • The method to obtain the LINE link is as follows:
    • For "Official Accounts," the link format is{LINE ID}. For example, if the LINE ID is @linedevelopers, you would use (LINE ID is the basic ID and not a purchased exclusive ID).
    • For "Personal Accounts," please follow these steps: Tap the "Settings" button located in the top-right corner of the LINE main page > Go to the settings page and select "Profile" > Choose "Display QR Code" > copy the link.
  • If the Facebook / LINE account you enter is the same as the Facebook / LINE account bound to the store Admin, the message will be synced to the Message Center. If the accounts are inconsistent, you need to process customer messages on Facebook / LINE by yourself.
  • Please handle the WhatsApp messages in your WhatsApp account.






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