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With SHOPLINE's "Product Sales Overview", merchants can view the live stream performance and product sales in real-time in the background.


In this article, you'll find:


1. Introduction

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live]. Click Enter to enter the backstage of any ongoing or ended live stream.



Step 2

Click the "Product Overview" icon on the left to enter the sales performance dashboard.



If the live stream uses cross-posting (live stream posting to multiple Pages), the tabs of multiple Facebook Pages will appear at the top of the page. Tap to view the sales data of Facebook Pages separately.



2. Live sales performance

Merchants can view the live stream performance by viewing the data columns in the upper half of the Overview page.

  • Comments: The total number of messages for this live stream
  • Orders: The total number of orders created by customers in the live stream
  • Total Order Amount: The total amount of orders created by customers in the live stream
  • Total Paid Amount: The total amount of orders that customers have created and paid in the live stream


  • The calculation of the net payment takes into account the change in order status and special circumstances, please refer to Sales: Payments|Shoplytics for details.
  • The total order amount and total paid amount are currently calculated based on the order subtotal amount (without discounts).



3. Product sales

In the lower half of the overview page, merchants can view the data in the following:

  • Products: All the product(s) selected for the live stream, and the name of the product(s), the name of the product variation, and the price.
  • Keywords: Product keyword of the product.
  • Inventory: Inventory quantity of the product 
  • Lock Inventory: The inventory quantity reserved automatically for customers if the merchant enabled the lock inventory feature and customers add the product to their shopping carts. 
    *Note: Please read this article for details about the lock inventory setting.
  • Keyword Comments: The number of products added to customers' shopping cart by commenting with the product keyword.
  • Order(s): The total number of product ordered in the live stream.
  • Paid: The total number of product ordered and paid in the live stream. 
  • Paid Amount: The total amount of the product ordered and paid in this live stream.
  • Comments +1: The most recent 3 customers commented with the product keyword.



A. Instant update

The data of the product sales overview is automatically updated every 10 seconds. Click the Update button to manually update. 



B. Quick search

Enter the product name, individual keywords, or multiple keywords (separate with spaces) to look up products for the live stream. 



C. Display in products/variants

Merchants can choose to view all variants or just the products. Click the icon next to the product image to expand the list of variants. 



D. Change sorting order


*Note: "Paid amount" is arranged in descending order by default.



E. Pin a product

Click the "pushpin" icon on the left of the product to put it on top of the list. Click the icon again to unpin it.

*Note: Multiple products can be set to the top at one time. There is no quantity limit. 



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