Integrate Instagram Messaging


SHOPLINE will launch the "Integrate Instagram Messaging" feature. Merchants can manage Instagram messages in the Message Center, create customer information, and send order links through Instagram direct messages.

In this article, you'll find:

1. Switching Instagram to a professional account

Step 1

Log in to the Instagram account you want to integrate, go to the Setting page and click Switch to Professional Account



Step 2

Select Business for the account type, and click Next.




Step 3

Select a category on profile, and click Done.



Step 4

Enter the public information (optional) and click Save



After completing the steps above, your account has switched to a business account. Please refer to Instagram Usage Guide for related setup procedures.



2. Connecting Instagram account to Facebook Business Page

Step 1

Access the Facebook Business Page, go to [Page Settings] > [Instagram], click Connect Account.



Step 2

Confirm the Instagram message settings and click Continue.EN8.png



Step 3

Log into the Instagram account that has been switched to a professional account.



After logging in, you can successfully connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account. For more setup details, please refer to this FAQ from Facebook.



3. Connecting Instagram account to Store Admin

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook], click Connect next to the Instagram section.EN11.png


Step 2

Click Edit Settings.



Step 3

Check the designated Instagram account for integration.



Step 4

Check the Facebook Page to integrate with the Instragram account.



Step 5

After confirming that all access permissions are turned on, click Done.



Now your Instagram account has been successfully connected to the store admin.



In SHOPLINE Admin you will see a "Successfully connected to Instagram Business Account" notification window. A green Already Connected status box will appear.


Please proceed to [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Messages] > [Allow access to messages] and confirm the the "Allow Access to Messages" toggle has been switched on for the linked instagram account. 



4. Manage Instagram messages through the Message Center

When you have successfully connected your store to your Instagram business account, the icons of the connected Facebook and Instagram accounts will appear at the top of the Instant Message tab. You can also view the source of the message by checking the icon next to the customer's name in the inbox.



A. Create User Profile 

Click on the customer's Instagram message to create a user profile.



B. Create a Manual Order

Admin can also create manual orders for customers and send order links to them through Instagram. To know more about manual orders, please refer to this FAQ article.



Customers can view the order details by clicking Go to Payment.

En21.png EN22.png


C. Send Shopping Cart Link

Click the cart icon on the top right corner of user profile to edit their cart. 



Once you have added products, click Send shopping cart link at the bottom to send the checkout link on Instagram.


Customers will be able to view their shopping cart by clicking on the "Checkout" button to proceed with checkout. 


5. Manage Instagram posts through the Message Center

When you have successfully connected your Instagram account, the linked Instagram account icon will be displayed at the top of the post message management interface in the Message center. Click the icon to view Instagram posts and comments.




  • Due to Instagram's limitations, the Instagram post will be synchronized to the Message Center when there is a comment. If there is only a Like and no comment, the post will not be synchronized. The following is a description of how each type of post is synchronized in the Message Center:  
    • If the post includes text, the text will be synchronized. 
    • If the post includes a photo, the photo will be synchronized.
    • If the post contains multiple photos, the first photo in the carousel will be synchronized.
    • If the post includes a video, the cover image of the video will be synchronized. 
  • Syncing Instagram post history is not currently supported.
  • Bulk hiding comments on Instagram posts, and liking comments on Instagram posts in the Message Center are currently not supported. (only hiding individual comments is supported)


You can reply to comments directly and also create a user profile and manual order for the customer. 



6. Remarks

  • According to Facebook policy, only one Instagram account can be connected to a Facebook business page, and the account must have full administrator access to proceed with the connection. 
  • A maximum of 10 Instagram accounts can be connected to a store.
  • When a customer replies to your Instagram Story, the reply will also appear in the Message Center. However, this feature does not yet support distinguishing whether the message is a Direct Message or a Story reply. 
  • Currently supports orders status updates through Instagram. 
  • If a customer sends a voice message on Instagram, it will not appear in the Message Center.
  • If the customer turns on vanish mode when sending a message, the message will not appear in the Message Center.


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