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If you need to embed Youtube videos into product descriptions or use HTML syntax to edit page content, you can use the "Toggle HTML" or "View HTML" button to view the content in HTML code.


1. Location of the function button

Some text editors support the HTML code in page content, which can be used to view/edit HTML. The following will introduce the supported text editors:

A. Product Description on the product "Edit" page, Text page and Blog under "Online Store Design". Click on the "Toggle HTML" button to edit in HTML syntax. 



B. Text element or Text with Title element for Advanced Page, Express Checkout Pages, and Shop Footer. Click on the </> icon to edit in HTML syntax.




2. Notes

  • The system will filter or block some HTML syntax in order to avoid HTML-related security or online store structure problems.
  • HTML syntax should be written by IT professionals to avoid display anomalies or any clashes.
  • SHOPLINE will not offer HTML writing advice and coaching.

As a network platform, it is a necessity that SHOPLINE frequently updates the website design and the nature of the system. If your custom CSS has problems due to website updates, this is out of the responsibility of SHOPLINE. Please monitor your website status frequently to ensure that your online store and layout are functioning properly. 


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