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*Please note: You must have the CRM - Membership module to use this feature in POS app. If you would like to learn more about how to purchase this module, please contact our Merchant Success Team. 

SHOPLINE's Member Price/Member Tier Price feature allows Retail POS users to easily apply different discounts for members, and offer discounts according to member tier when checking out using POS app. The member price/member tier price for a product can also be viewed on the order details page, and can be set in SHOPLINE Admin. 

This article will cover the following:


1. How to enable Member Price/Member Tier Price

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Product Settings], then click on the POS tab. Slide the "Display the member price and tier member price in the POS app product detail information" toggle switch to "ON", then click Update



Check feature permissions settings 

As this feature relates to product price, permission to enable this feature can only be granted by a store owner. If you want to grant permission to staff to enable this feature, go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security]. Select a staff, and make sure the "POS product settings" box is checked off.  

*Please note: Staff members that already have full permissions do not need to be granted extra access to use this feature. 



2. View from the POS app

Step 1

After you have enabled the feature in SHOPLINE Admin, a reminder window will appear in POS app (see image below). You must reset product data in order to apply member price & member tier price. This can be done in POS app by going to Settings > Database and pressing the Reset button next to "Product Data". It is recommended that you set aside a time when POS app is not in use to configure these settings. 


Step 2

Member price/member tier price will appear on the product details page in the "Checkout" and "Barcode" pages. There are two methods of viewing the product details page: 

  1. Press and hold a product on the checkout page/product listings page
  2. Press and hold a product on the barcode page. 


*Note: If a member price/member tier price has not been set for a product in SHOPLINE Admin, or the price has been set as "0", then the member price/member tier price for a product will be displayed as "-". 



3. Apply member price/member tier price at checkout

Applying a member price/member tier price  

When checking out, if the customer is a member, the member price/member tier price will be calculated according to the customer's membership profile. 

  • After successfully applying a member price/member tier price, this new price will be displayed on top of the crossed-out original price.
  • Custom discounts and other promotions will be calculated according to the member price/member tier price. 

*Note: If you have set a custom price for a product, the member price/member tier price feature is not applicable for that product.


Transaction records 

If a member tier price/member price has been used, this will appear in the transaction record on the POS app. 



4. Notes 

  • This feature cannot be used in offline mode. 
  • If POS app is disconnected unexpectedly while a transaction is being processed, the price used will be that at the time of the disconnection (i.e. if a member price/member tier price has already been successfully applied then this will be used). 


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