POS Customer Management

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Merchants can use this feature to integrate member information from online stores and offline retail stores, and view the customers' registration source or edit the customers' information. This article will explain how to filter the customer registration source in the Admin, and how to add customer tags/notes on the POS app.


1. Filter customer source

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Customers] to view the customer list of the store.



Click and expand the drop-down menu of Add Filters and filter out customers who fulfill the condition.



Merchant can use the Added From filter condition to differentiate customers from the retail store and from the online store. 

If the customer signed up from the online store, it belongs to Storefront Website;

if the customer is imported in bulk by the merchant, it belongs to the Admin Panel;

if the member signed up at the retail store POS app, it belongs to Retail Store.



2. Add tags / notes on customers on POS app

Note: This feature does not support POS app offline mode. Please make sure that the POS app is connected to the Internet before performing the following operations.


Select Customer from the left menu and search the customer to add tags. In the Customer Details section, merchants can add notes by tapping the blue button, and tapping the green for adding tags.



Tap to add customer notes.



Tap to create customer tags. 


Customer tags and notes will be synchronized with the customer information in the store Admin.


To learn more about adding customer tags in the store Admin, please read Customer Tag & Note|Customer List.






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