Facebook On-boarding Efficiency (OE) x FBE

Create Facebook account, page and ads accounts through this extension to avoid being wrongly identified as fake accounts and being suspended. After successful application, you can easily install Facebook pixel, create product catalog in your page and import products to your Facebook shop.


1. To be eligible for this feature, please make sure your shop is based in `China`. You can change this setting at Settings > Basic Settings.

You can also change it back to the Country/ Region of your preference after you have finished the On-boarding Efficiency flow. 


2. You will also need to connect to a VPN in order to access Facebook related features, including On-boarding Efficiency and Facebook Business Extension.

Step 1

Go to Marketing > Facebook Business Extension (FBE), clicking `Install Plug-in` mceclip1.png

When you see this shown in a pop-up window, it means that you have successfully enter Facebook On-boarding Efficiency flow. 

Please log into your Facebook account to continue to create Facebook page and Ads account; 
if you do not have a Facebook account yet, you can also click `I don't have a Facebook profile` to create one here. 


Step 2

You will need to enter your Chinese mobile phone number for verification. 

Note: please use a mobile number that is not associated with any existing Facebook accounts. 


Clicking `Get Started`, you will then receive a verification code via SMS. Enter the code here and click `Continue`.


Step 3

You will then enter this page to fill in information about your business. 

Please fill in authentic information, or else your account might be banned by Facebook. 


You are also asked to fill in information about Facebook Page and Ad Account. 

Please note that the names you put here will become the name of the Facebook Page and Ad Account that are linked to this Facebook account. 


Step 4

Next, you will enter the verification step. 

You will be asked to provide authentic information and proof about your business. The information filled in here must align with the information you filled in in the last step. 



Step 5

You will need to fill in some basic information for your Facebook Business account, which will be automatically connect with your personal Facebook account. 


Step 6

Clicking `Create Account` in the last step, you will enter this page, which means that you have successfully created your Facebook account (depending on whether you already have one before), Facebook page, Facebook Ad account and Facebook Business account via On-boarding Efficiency. 

You are now in the Facebook Business Extension (FBE) flow, where you can set up Facebook Pixel and Facebook Product Feed to link with your online shop and products. 

For more information about FBE, please refer to this FAQ: Facebook Business Extension | Facebook Shop




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