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In order to let merchants understand more about Facebook Ads clearly, we have a new feature to on-board you on how to set up Facebook page, Facebook Pixel and Facebook Product Feed linked with your online shop and the products. Easier and convenient to follow through the SHOPLINE admin panel, step-by-step guiding you to complete the settings so that you can manage to start advertising your products with only few clicks!


In this article, we would introduce you:


A. How to link up with your Facebook account, Facebook Page & Facebook Pixel

Log in to admin panel, click "Marketing" and you will see the "Facebook Business Extension (FBE) ". Click "Install Plug-in" to start the setup.


Facebook Ads Extension will be opened in a new popup window, press "Next" to proceed.


Choose the Facebook Page you want to connect OR create a new Facebook Page if you do not have one.


To help track your site performance, you can install the Facebook Pixel to track your shop conversions with the ads placed.
*You can choose the default pixel connected to your Facebook Account. Or if you have other pixel events, you can opt for another one you might need.


Choose not to import the products to a Facebook Shop and click "Finish" to complete the settings.
*If you do want to show products in a section of your Facebook Shop, you can opt in for that.



Once the setting has been done, you can see the "Facebook Tracking event" has been connected for you.


B. How to import products to Facebook Shop

Inside the on-boarding flow of FAE, you can choose to "Add products to a Facebook Shop" to import your products there.


Click "See your products on Facebook" to view your products uploaded to the Facebook Product Feed. OR you can go to https://www.facebook.com/products/ to view the products uploaded anytime.



After the products are imported to your Facebook Shop, there will be a "Shop" section in your Facebook Page. Click the products in Facebook Shop and you can redirect to your store site to continue shopping.



Q1: If I have installed the Facebook Pixel in my store, can I still try out the new feature?

The pixel events installed in your store will be replaced by the default pixel auto linked up with Facebook Ads Extension. And both pixel ID should be the same as the old one is tied to the personal or business Facebook account with relevant Facebook page, while the new one is tied to the Facebook Page; so technically, there is no difference if you are using the same Facebook Page.

Therefore, you can use the new feature, of course.

Q2: If I have installed two sets of pixel events in my store, can I still try out new feature as well?

The first set of pixel tracking event will be replaced the one added by FAE; 
while the second pixel event will not be affected at all.

You can also use the new feature.


Q3: Are Facebook Ads Extension & Facebook Shop feature open to merchants in any plans?

Yes, merchants in ALL plans can use both features.

In Facebook Ads Extension, we will have a separate Product Feed, with feature optimisation on better matching of products and the pixel tracking events so as to maximise the ads effectiveness. Though all merchants can use the new features, including the DPA feature along with FAE, there are differences on the product feed across different plans.

- Merchants in Premium Plan / Merchants who have bought DPA feature, can access the NEW product feed using FAE, with ALL products included in the feed; which means if merchants try to import products to Facebook Shop, ALL products will be uploaded.
- Merchants in Basic / Advanced plans will ONLY be able to access the NEW product feed with 10 products in "Featured Products" category included, which means they can upload at most 10 products to Facebook Shop.

Q4. Would ALL variants of the products be shown in Facebook Shop as an individual item?

No, the variants of the products would not be displayed as individual items in Facebook Shop; but in the Facebook Catalog, we would put ALL variants as individual "products" so that Facebook would understand how many items in your shop for sale and assist with the product sales/conversion tracking, optimising ads deliverability and effectiveness of Dynamic Product Ads.



Q5. If I have manually uploaded my products to Facebook Shop, can I use the Facebook Shop feature provided by SHOPLINE to auto sync the product status/inventory?

If merchants have used the Facebook Shop integrated by SHOPLINE, your product information, stock level & pricing are all auto-synced at backend, with daily scheduled updates. You do not need to bother managing the products at Facebook Shop anymore.

*But if you have manually uploaded products in Facebook Shop before, when you are importing products from SHOPLINE to Facebook Shop, the old ones will be overrode.


Q6. If I have placed Dynamic Product Ads, should I try out new features? 

Feature optimisation has been included in the Facebook Ads Extension (FAE) to enhance the ads deliverability and effectiveness by better matching the products in both the shop tracking events and the product feed. 

We strongly advise merchants to use the new feature, to re-link your pixel events and product feed; Old ads should better be suspended and new ads set for DPA should be ready for upcoming ads to make sure your ads are all optimised and delivered to the right and more potential target audience.


Q7. How can I view my product catalog and update my product feed upload schedule at Facebook panel?

1. Click and go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/products/  to view the product catalog
OR go to https://www.facebook.com/events_manager

*Click the Menu button next to "Event Manager" and then click "All tools" to see the "Catalogs".


By selecting the "Catalogs", you can see ALL the product catalogs you have created.
*The product catalog created by FAE is named as "Facebook Page Name - SHOPLINE". You can choose that one to start managing the settings.


2. How to view and update the product upload schedule of Facebook Product Feed?

In the product catalog, click "Data Sources" and then "Settings" button.


You can view your product catalog upload time & schedule. And you can update the daily schedule as you might want. 
*Product Catalog will be uploaded once a day by default.







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