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We offer customer tag and memo to make customer management easier. With this feature, you can create tags and notes for specific customer and find your TA faster.

The following article will introduce:


1. Create tags and notes for customer

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > Customer Management > Customer List > Customer Detail Page

In the customer detail page, you can find "Tags & Note" section below "Membership" section.



Input tagging and press "Enter". The tag will turn into blue, indicate the tag is successfully created. Each tag must consist of at least 3 characters.


If you want to add existed tags, click "View all tags" and the popup will be shown.


Click on the tag in "All tags", the tag will change from white to green and will be added to the "Applied tags".


Click on the tag again, the tag will turn back to white and will be removed from the "Applied tags."



Input more description of your customer in "Note" field. (Note is limited to 1000 words)

After all, remember to click “Save” to update the tags and notes you created. 



2. Filter customers by tag

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > Customer Management > Customer List


Add Filters > Select a Filter > Tag



Select the tag from the dropdown list and click "Add". The customer list will immediately show your filter results.



Tags can be filtered with other criteria. For example, you can filter customers who applied the tag "purchase-over-5-times " and another tag "Accepts Marketing".


3. Add/ Remove customer tags in bulk 

Merchants can use this feature to add/remove tags for specific customers and manage customer tags in bulk. For example, for all customers who have accumulated 5 purchases, add a tag of "sent $100 credit"; or for all December birthday members, add a tag of "December birthday", etc.


Step 1: Get customer ID/ email address/ mobile phone number

This feature requires a customer ID (if the customer is created through SHOPLINE), email address, or mobile phone number for the system to match the member information. If the merchant already has a customer list (including email or mobile phone number), you can skip to the second step to update the customer tags in bulk.

If you want to select specific customers from the customer list to add/delete customer tags in bulk, you can follow the instructions below:


Go to "Customer Management" > "Customers" and select the customers you want to add/remove tags.

*Tips: You can use "Add Filters" to find customers who need to update their tags in batches more quickly.



Click on "Export Report" and the exported data field must contain the Customer ID/ Email address/ mobile phone number.

The customer information in this report will be used in the next step "Bulk update customer tags”




Step2: Update customers tags in bulk, download the template for instruction 

Click on "Import Report" > "Bulk Update Customer Tags". Download the template and edit it.




Step3: Follow the instructions in the form, fill in the customer ID, Email Address, Phone number, and customer tags

Copy and paste the customer ID/ email address/ mobile phone number into this form, and edit the Add Customer tags column, or Delete Customer tags. Please note that the new customer tag cannot be duplicated with the deleted customer tag on the right.





  1. At least one of the three fields (Customer ID/ Email Address/ Mobile Phone Number) must be filled in, cannot be left blank.
  2. After uploading the edited file, the system will identify the member according to the order Customer ID > Email Address > Mobile Phone Number. If the Email and Mobile Phone Number in the same row belong to different customers, only the highest-ranked customer will be tagged.
    For example, the information in one row is, 
    1. Customer Email:
    2. Mobile Number: 09123456789
    3. Add tag: AA Member

    Customer A:

    Customer B: 09123456789

    Because of the higher rank order of Email address, the "AA Member" tag will be created under Customer A instead of Customer B.
  3. 3~40 characters per tag, 60 tags in total at maximum.
  4. Tags in the same cell must be separated by commas e.g. tag1,tag2,tag3, with no spaces in between.
  5. Tags can be added up to 1000 customers at a time
  6. If there are identical Emails or phone numbers in the file, then all tags of this customer will be created under the same user.

    First row:,tag2

    Second row:,tag3

    After uploading, the customer will have tag1, tag2, tag3.



Step4: After completing the form, go to “Bulk Update Customer Tags” and upload it



Step5: Check the status of the process. If failed, download the failure report 

Go to "Report and Analysis" > "Bulk Action Process"



You can import/ export customer reports with the tags included in the report. 
For more information, please refer to
Member Data Import
Advanced customer report export 
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