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SHOPLINE merchants may now export customer reports based on custom fields they need.

This article contains the following key guides:


1. Where can I export advanced customer report

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer management] > [Customers], click Export report at the top right of the list.



2. How to filter and export specific customers in the reports

By clicking the "Export Report" button, you can request to download the advanced customer report.

Note: If there is a large customer amount in your store, it may need to cost a few minutes to export the report.


Please select/check the customer(s) you need before requesting to export the selected customer.
All Customers = will export all customers in your store (Can only export 300,000 customers at most)
Customer Create Time = will export all customers whose create time is in specific range
Selected Customers = will export all the customers that are selected in the customer list



3. How to filter specific customer data fields based on my need

You can make your own custom report by customizing the fields within. You can select or deselect fields you want to display and organize their sequence. The system will record the settings of the last export and set it as default for the next export. You can still customize the fields again if deemed necessary.

Setup Guide

  • Single selection
    Check the fields you want on the left, they’ll then synchronize on the right panel.  To deselect the field, you can either uncheck the checkbox in the left panel or delete the field in the right panel

  • All selection
    You can tick select all to export report with all fields

  • Field sequence
    Fields are sequenced according to selection time (from old to new).  Fields are arranged as how they are ordered in the left panel

  • Required field 
    Full Name is mandatory, you cannot deselect it in the customer report

  • Default setting
    The system has a default customer report template.  Once you’ve customized and exported the report settings for the first time, it’ll be the default setting for your next export. You’re free to edit the template if necessary


How to organize the sequence of selected fields:

You can drag the fields on the right panel to adjust the order of the report.


The "Message Count" field in the Customer Report was removed on 6 September 2023. Currently, the system no longer allows the selection of this field. If you wish to view information related to messages, please refer to Message Center Interface (New).



4. How to check exporting progress

After finishing filtering the customer data range and selecting custom fields, you can now export your customer report.

SHOPLINE's automated system will send the file to your merchant email within a few minutes after the request has been received. However, it may take longer than expected depending on the number of customers you are exporting.

Also, you can go to [Report & Analytics] > [Bulk Action Process] to check the report exporting progress. 




5. Note

Customer export file time range basis

You can freely filter "User joined within the last month" on the customer list page, but when time comes to export the file, the basis will be the final settings in the pop-up settings box. See the screenshot below for more information:


_____2019-03-16___12_15_31.png Please be noted that a maximum of 10000 customer data may be exported at once, therefore, the exported file will be split by 10000 data.

Ex. A shop contains 12345 customer data, you will receive a mail that has 2 update file download links, one with 10000 data, the other with 2345 data.mceclip0.png 






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