Allow Customers to Customize Applied Store Credits

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To allow you and your customers to utilize store credits more flexibly, in the store Admin, you can set it to let customers decide whether to use their credits when placing orders or how many credits to use to offset the order amount.


This article will cover the following:


1. Allow customers to customize the applied credit amount

Go to Admin > [Customer Management] > [Store Credits] and switch on the "Allow customer to determine applied amount" toggle.

*Note: Make sure to click the Update button once you switch on/ off the toggle.



Customers can click on the "question mark" icon next to "Applied Store Credits" to view the rules that you have set for the redemption of store credits.

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i. Enable this feature

Customers can choose to apply any amount within the upper limit of store credits or not apply any store credits during checkout.

  • The system defaults to applying the maximum amount of store credits available (under the conditions that meet the upper limit of store credits).
  • Customers can follow the steps below to manually enter the desired amount of store credits to be applied on the checkout page:
    1.  Click Applied Store Credit under "Order Summary."
    2. Enter the desired applied amount in the box and click Apply.
    3. Upon recalculation, you can then proceed to checkout

Let's take a look at the scenario below.

  • NT$100 credits have been applied by default.
  • Click on Applied Store Credits, enter 50 in the box, and then click Apply. The applied store credits will now be NT$50, and the remaining shopping credits balance will be NT$950.

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ii. Disable this feature

The order will automatically apply the maximum available amount of store credits, and customers are not allowed to choose the amount of store credits to be applied.

  • The system defaults to applying the maximum amount of store credits available (under the conditions that meet the upper limit of store credits).
  • "Applied Store Credits" on the checkout page is not clickable.

Let's take a look at the scenario below.

  • NT$50o store credits have been auto-applied.
  • "Applied Store Credits" can't be clicked, and customers cannot change their credit amount.

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iii. Allocation of credits when splitting order

When splitting an order, both you and the customer check the status of store credits, usage history, and the discounted amount of credits allocated to the parent and child orders respectively. To learn more about discount allocations, please refer to this article.

*Note: The system will first revert the store credits to the original order, then allocate the credit to the parent and child orders for redemption. 


iv. Reminders regarding store credit application

If you have set the "Apply credits condition & maximum amount" feature, the system will display corresponding reminders about store credit applications.


A. Apply credits when the purchase exceeds a set amount.

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B. The input credit amount exceeds the upper limit.

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2. Store Credits Setting Log

i. Merchant's view

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Customer]. Search for the customer and click View to enter their profile. Scroll down to the "Store Credits" section to check their usage and history.



ii. Customer's view

Customers can view their store credit history by going to Store Credits in their Member Center at the storefront.







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