Store Credits - Apply Partial Store Credits Setting


Customer Management > Store Credits > Allow customer to determine applied amount

Please make sure to click "Update" button after you turned the toggle



Turn ON this function:

Customer can choose to apply partial credit or not applied credit during checkout.

  • By default, store credits are automatically applied at checkout according to the “maximum amount of store credits usable per order” setting.
  • Customers can follow the below steps  to change credit usage.
    1.  Click “Applied Store Credit” at the “Order Summary”
    2. Fill in the credit amount then click “Apply”  
    3. Proceed to checkout after system recalculate
  • If customers input 0 and click “Apply”, no credit will be applied on checkout.


In the above case, $50 credits have been applied by default.

Click “Applied Store Credit” then fill in 20 and click “Apply”, the applied store credit will change from $50 to $20, and the remaining also change from $0 to $30.



Turn OFF this function:

Customer must apply the maximum credit usage of the order and cannot choose to apply partial credit.

In the above case, $50 credits have been applied and customers can not change credit usage.

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