Google Pay Setup & Customer Checkout flow

FAQ________-04.jpgTo provide better customer experience, merchants can now set up Google Pay via Stripe as new payment option.

This article will cover:

1. Setting up Google Pay via Stripe 
2. Customer checkout flow using Google Pay
  2.1 Mobile Web Checkout
  2.2 Desktop Checkout

1. Setting up Google Pay 

Remarks: You will need a Stripe account to activate Google Pay payment option. Stripe is now currently only available to merchants located in Hong Kong and supported currency are HKD and USD.

Transaction fee: 3.4% + HK$2.35 per successful card charge

The price is the same for all major cards. There’s no additional fee for international cards, failed charges, or refunds. For more details, please visit:


Step 1

Go to your SHOPLINE Admin Panel > "Settings" > "Payment Options" > Press "Add" button


Step 2

Select your "Payment Type" as "Google Pay via Stripe" > Click "Activate" to start setting up your account


Step 3

You will be directed to a page as shown below.

If you already have a Stripe account, click "Sign in" on the top right hand corner to login to your account;
For new user, please enter your information below > Click "Authorize access to this account"


Step 4

You will be redirected back to SHOPLINE admin panel after authorization.

Here you will see the system has updated the payment method with Stripe's secret key & Publishable key. You can now set up your payment processing fee, edit the name of your payment method for Google Pay and check if you need to exclude any delivery options.

After you've done the setup > Press "Update" to add Google Pay



Step 5

Although Google Pay has been added, it is currently not visible in your store.

Go back to SHOPLINE admin panel > "Settings" > "Payment Options" > Click "Publish" to make this payment method visible in your store



2. Customer checkout flow using Google Pay

Google Pay only works for 
Chrome on Android; Chrome for Desktop (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)
(not capable of Chrome on iOS device)

Before checking out, please check the following steps:

  • Please LOG IN to the browser with your Google Account
  • Please ADD the payment method to your Google Pay Account
  • Please UPGRADE the device and the browser to the latest version

How to Add Payment Method to Google Account

Step 1

Log into Google Pay > “Payment Methods” > “Add payment method


Step 2

Fill in the required information


Step 3

You may be asked to verify your payment method, choose an option from the list. Find and enter the verification code.

You may find detailed instructions here.


2.1 Mobile Web Checkout 

tep 1

After customers confirm purchase and proceed to checkout, they will see "Pay Now" button


Step 2

Payment details will then pop up. After customers confirm the details and enter the CVC of their credit card, the check out process is completed. 

Customers can also choose different payment card by clicking the "Edit" button.



2.2 Desktop Web Checkout

Please be reminded to:

  • log in your Google Account in the browser
  • add the payment method to your Google Pay Account (you may refer to the above section)
  • upgrade the device and the browser to the latest version

If your customers fail to fulfill the above prerequisites, they will see the following error message in checkout page.


Step 1

After choosing Google Pay as payment method, the check out page will be shown as below: 


Step 2

After clicking "Pay now", a window with customers' credit cards details and order summary will pop up. 


After customers click "Pay", they will need to enter the CVC of their credit card.


After customers click "Confirm", they will be directed to order confirmation page. The check out process is then completed.




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