Order Update Notification via Facebook Messenger



Aside from notifying customers of their order status updates via email, merchants can now update them via Facebook Messenger. This provides an extra channel in receiving the latest updates on order and delivery statuses.


 A. Set Order update notification via Facebook Messenger

Settings> Order Settings> Order update notification via Facebook Messenger

First press the toggle button to turn on the feature.



After you press the toggle button, please login into your Facebook account.

(If you have already logged into Facebook in your browser, the system will directly proceed to the next step.)


Messenger will request authorization to manage your Pages and also send messages from Pages you manage. You can click "Continue as XXXXXX" to grant access.

(If you need to look at the access requests in detail, please click "review the info you provide".)


Next, click "Next" and to connect to one Facebook Page.



Before you click update, please double-check and confirm the connected Page is correct. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Done" to update.





B. Customer subscribe to Order update notification via Facebook Messenger 

After you complete your settings, no matter if the customer is a member or non-member during checkout, they can tick and subscribe for order update notification via Facebook Messenger on checkout page or order confirmation page.



Once the customer has ticked the checkbox, the system will automatically change the customer's subscription status to subscribed. One can always click to unsubscribe.



C. Send order update notification

Customer's Facebook order update notification subscription status is shown in the order details. If it shows a tick, the customer will receive Facebook message as well as default email notification.



When you update the order status, system popup will provide an option to send an update notification to the customer.

Once you check the box and click yes, the update notification will be sent via email AND Facebook messenger to the customer.



The customer will receive an update message in the following format:



Remarks: If the box for subscription for order update notification via Facebook Messenger is not shown, please check with the following:

1. Your related Facebook Page has whitelisted the domain of your shop at Page Setting > Messenger Platform > Whitelisted Domains

2. Your related Facebook Page is published and visible

3. You did not installed 3rd-party css in Google Tag Manager to block the function of Facebook


*Regarding Facebook's recent update, Facebook will restrict sending advertisements or promotional messages via subscription messaging. In view of this situation, all merchants who enabled the “Order update notification via Facebook Messenger” function, please complete an additional review for approval as soon as possible, to confirm that the Facebook Page won’t use subscription messaging to send advertisements or promotional messages, in order not to affect the “Order update notification via Facebook Messenger” function.




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