Product Sorting at the Storefront


Besides the "All Product" page, all category pages offer the product sorting feature. Customers can select to sort products by time, price and popularity. 


In this article, you'll find:


1. Available sorting order

Customers can change the product sorting to the way they prefer.


  • Newest to Oldest 
  • Oldest to Newest
  • Price: High to Low
  • Price: Low to High
  • Sales Volume: High to Low

The default product sorting will be displayed according to the "Storefront Default Sorting" set in Admin. Customers are allowed to switch to other sorting methods on the category page as well.

[Coming Soon] How to set the storefront default sorting, please refer to the FAQ - Categories and Products Ordering


2. Sort by upload time


The created time of order was: Product A > Product B > Product C > Product D

Then the ordering for the 4 products will be: Product D > Product C > Product B > Product A



3. Sort by price

If the customer chooses the sorting related to the price, the products with the same price will be shown in chronological order. On the other hand, the products without any price or has a hidden prices will be placed last and also in chronological order.

For example:

Product 015 was the latest product that I created and has the same price as Product 001. After choosing the sorting Price: High to Low, Product 015 will be displayed in front of 001:



If we change to “Price: Low to High”, Product 015 will still be shown in front of 001:



For the products without a price or with a hidden price, they will all be shown at last. Products with hidden prices are sorted according to the price in the Admin (either in ascending/ descending order, according to what customers chose). If there are more than one hidden-priced products with the same price, newly created products would be shown first. Products without price would be considered as $0. Similarly, newly created products would be shown first.

The image below illustrates the principle behind: 



4. Sort by sales volume

Merchants can enable this feature in [Online Store Design] > [Design] > Advance Settings tab.


After enabling the feature, customers will be able to sort products base on sales volume.



1. Currently sales volume sorting will be based on the accumulated sales volume of each product.
2. Currently sales volume will not be shown at the storefront.
3. Products with the same sales volume will be shown in chronological order.
4. Sales volume will exclude cancelled and removed orders and will be updated hourly.






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