Categories and Products Ordering


This article is going to introduce:


A.Sequencing categories

The sequence of products is organized according to the time the product is created.

 Go to "Products and Categories" > "Categories"

You can arrange the order of categories by dragging the dotted icon > Storefront display will be updated at the same time




B.Sequencing products in categories

Merchants can manage the sequence of products in categories by using “Drag and Drop” after long-clicking the cross sign


Step 1:Click on "View Products"

"Products and Categories" > "Categories" > Click on "View Products"



Step2: Rearrange order 

Long-click the sign in front of product image > Move up and down to rearrange order




C.Placing products on top of category in bulk


Step 1: Select "Show All" 

If you have a lot of products that need to be rearranged in the category, you can select "Show All" button so that you can manage all of the products on the same page



Step 2: Rearrange order

Select products that need to be placed on the top of the category > Select "Bulk Action"> "Push to Top"




D.Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will "Publish/Unpublish" the products affect my products' ordering?

No, unpublished products will not be displayed on your storefront; when you publish the same product again, it will be display in the same position on storefront as before.


Q2: How the system manage the ordering of main-categories and sub-categories?

When products belongs to a main-category and a sub-category, which means when you arrange the order of the product in sub-category, the position will be also updated in main-category. In this way, merchants do not need to turn to the Main-category to update the ordering which brings convenience to merchants to manage the sorting. Take the following as an example:

Original product sequence

Main-category has products: A + B + C + D + E + F
Sub-category: D + E + F

Product sequence after adjustment

Sub-category sequence changes into: F + D + E
Main-category sequence changes into: A + B + C + F + D + E


Q3: How does the system sort the category "All Products"?

The sorting is according to the sequence of product uploaded/created time and date.


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