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To lower the occurrence of invalid orders, merchants can add certain customers to the blacklist, which disables these customers from making orders with the same e-mail or phone number.


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1. Blacklist customers

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Customers]. Click on the View button on the right of the customer to be blacklisted. 



Step 2

Under Customer Details, click Add to blacklist.



Step 3

Click OK to confirm the action.


The cross icon under "Blacklisted" will turn to a tick to indicate that the customer has been blacklisted.



Blacklisted customers will be blocked from logging in as members. When the customer tries to place an order on the checkout page, they would fail to checkout and will see the message "You cannot sign into your account right now, please verify your information and try again. If the problem persists, please email shop owner for details."



2. Remove customer from the blacklist

Step 1

Go to [Customer Management] > [Customers] and click View on the right of the customer's name. Click Remove from blacklist.



Step 2

Click OK to remove the customer from the blacklist.



3. Search blacklisted customers

To view the list of blacklisted customers, merchants can go to the Customer / User List and expand the "Add FIlters" menu and select Is Blacklisted



4. Note

  • Currently, besides manually blacklisting customers, if a customer places 50 orders in a day, they will be automatically added to the blacklist by the system once they place an order again.






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