Product Summary & Description


Merchants can provide details of the products such as photos, size charts, and videos in the product description and highlight the important info in the product summary. Here we will guide you through:


1. Product summary 

Through the product summary, customers are able to quickly spot the product info without going over the product description, giving them a clearer and simpler way to know the product and make the purchase. 



  1. The word limitation is 300 characters.
  2. Fields are optional.
  3. Customers can search products by entering the wordings in the product summary.  
  4. If the SEO description of the product is left blank, the system will use the product summary instead as the content for the SEO description. 


The product summary will display in the storefront on the product detail page.



2. Product description

The product description block provides basic editing text format elements, as shown in the figure below. 



i. Insert photos in the product description 

To insert a picture in the product description, you can choose to Add Photo, From Gallery or Upload URL. Go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] > Edit and select the Info tab. Scroll down to Product Description and click on the "Image" TC_2-1.png icon.



A. Add Photo

Upload image directly from the computer. 

B. From Gallery

If you want to upload a picture from the image gallery, please upload the image to the SHOPLINE image gallery first. For more details using the Image Gallery, please refer to this FAQ.

C. Upload URL

After you get the image link, paste the link into the field and click "OK" to successfully insert the picture.imgur4.png


  1. SHOPLINE has fully upgraded to SSL encrypted environment, please make sure you paste the link that begins with "https://" to avoid failed display in some browsers.
  2. When placing the image URL, pay special attention to the image file format, because not all image formats can be displayed. For example, Safari does not support reading the webp format.

Remember to click "Update" so that the photos can be shown in the storefront.


ii. Insert videos in the product description

Step 1

Upload your video(s) to YouTube first, or find the video clip that you need on YouTube.


Step 2

Go to the page of your YouTube video, then click Share

Click Embed

and copy the code. After that, resume to the product edit page in SHOPLINE Admin



Step 3

Go back to Product Description, click the Toggle HTML button on the toolbox and paste the code you just copied from YouTube.

Note: After clicking the Toggle HTML button, the content of this field will change into HTML syntax. Please refer to this link for more details: View HTML from Text Editor.



Step 4 

Remember to click Update when you finish.


3. Multiple language settings

If merchants are selling products to various market regions, SHOPLINE offers multi-language content settings. You can edit the corresponding content for different languages. When the consumer selects the corresponding language at the shopfront, the system will automatically show the content in the corresponding language. 


Note: If only one language is edited while the other language is yet to be set, despite the language change at the shopfront, the system will automatically apply the edited language.

For example, if the store only has the product content in Traditional Chinese, when consumers switch the storefront language to English, the product description will still show the content in Traditional Chinese.






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