Step 1: Creating an Account in 3 Minutes

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Creating a trial account in SHOPLINE is easy. You can do it within 3 minutes. Please follow the guidelines below to register an account and complete the basic store settings.


Step 1. Sign Up 

Go to the SHOPLINE official website and click on Free Trial or Start free trial.

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Step 2. Enter information for registration

Enter your email, password, mobile number, and your shop name, and then click SIGN UP to proceed.


  • The email address and password entered here will be the login credentials for accessing the store's Admin in the future.
  • Store orders, payments, and other notifications will be sent to this email address you input by default.

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Step 3. Complete the sales channel information

Upon selecting the sales channel you have used or are interested in, click Next ➜ to continue the setup.

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Step 4. Fill in the basic information

Registered Person / Business Please enter the name of the store owner (merchant) or the registered company name of the store.
Show this currency to your customers when they check out

The currency used by customers during checkout in the store, which is the default currency for the online store.

*Note: Once the default currency is selected, it cannot be changed.

Please select at least one language option for your storefront

The languages available for customers to choose from while browsing the store. The language options presented in this step may vary depending on the default currency selected for your store.

🔔 Example:

  • If the store currency is set to "New Taiwan dollar," the language options for the store will include "English and Traditional Chinese."
  • If the store currency is set to "Malaysian ringgit," the language options for the store will include "English, Simplified Chinese, and Malay."
Billing Country / Region

SHOPLINE will provide invoices, receipts, and bills based on the country/ region set in this field.

*Note: Once the country/ region for billing is selected, it cannot be changed.

Free domain of your store Customize your store's URL, which is the part highlighted in red:
Store Type You can select based on the main type of products your store sells.

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Now you may continue to select the "Recommended Industry Template."






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