Step 1: Creating an Account in 3 Minutes


Creating a trial account in SHOPLINE is easy. You can simply do it within 3 minutes. 


You may follow below guidelines to register an account and complete the basic shop settings.

Step 1: Visit SHOPLINE's homepage 

Visit SHOPLINE's website:


Step 2: Sign Up 

Enter your email address and click the " Start Trial " button.



Step 3: Enter information for registration

Enter your email, password and shop name, then click "SIGN UP"

Please note that you will be using the email and password you entered on this page to login SHOPLINE's admin panel. Also notification emails like order emails will be sent to this email address by default. 



Step 4: Set the default shop currency 

*Please note: the shop currency is not changeable. Choose your main market currency!



You are allowed to choose a default currency among HKD, CNY, TWD, USD, SGD, AUD, GBP, PHP, MYR, THB, AED, JPY, and EUR.

After selecting your default shop currency, click "Confirm and Continue"



Step 5: Select your shop languages

You must select at least 2 shop languages. Once set up, you are not allowed to change the shop languages. 



The languages you can choose: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malaysia and Japanese. *If you are not allowed to choose the languages you want, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team in the live chat tool at the right bottom. 

After you have selected the languages, click "Confirm and Continue"




Step 6: Tell us your store type



After selecting the store type, click "Confirm and Continue"




That’s it. You’ve already reached out your first step to build a great business online!
Now you may follow below FAQs to complete the basic settings of your shop:






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