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By collecting customers' information, such as birthdays, you could design your membership program and promotions more flexibly to gain customer loyalty.

In this article, we'll introduce five main points:


1. Basic settings

In the Admin, go to [Settings] > [Customer Settings] > [Custom Fields].pastedGraphic_1.png

A. Pages displaying birthdays

Customers can input their birthdays in 3 places on the storefront:

  • Checkout Form: The page where customers check out.
  • Signup Form: The register page where customers sign up as members.
  • User Profile: The profile page in the online store's Member Center ([My Account] > [Profile]).

Please remember to check "Include" or "Required" if you want to auto-assign store credits to members on their birthdays or the 1st day of the birthday month. For more information about Birthday Credits, please refer to this article.

B. Birthday format

You can select three birthday formats. The "Age Limit" box only appears on the right when selecting YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM. You can set the age limit when you check "Include" or "Required" for any of the 3 pages.

The default age limit is 13 years old. Entering a number below 13 is not allowed, and an error message will appear stating: "Age limit should (be) over 13 years old." if you enter any age under 13 in the box.pastedGraphic_2.png

*Note: If you change the birthday format to MM/DD (without the birth year), the system will not be able to capture the age of new customers since they cannot enter their birth year. In [Report & Analytics] > [Shoplytics] > [Customers] > [Customer Overview], the "Customer Age" chart will only show the age information of the existing customers who have entered birth year (either YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM) before you change the birth format. For more information about the "Customer Age" chart, please refer to this article.


2. Storefront display

When the birthday setting is done, customers can click on the dropdown list on the checkout page, signup page, or member profile page to enter their birthdays. The image below includes the birthday format on the checkout page.pastedGraphic_3.png

If the customer selects a date that indicates they are under 13, an error message "Birthday is invalid, should (be) over XX years old." would appear upon saving or submitting the order.pastedGraphic_4.png

Once you change the birthday format to YYYY/MM or MM/DD in the Customer Settings, the birthday format will be displayed accordingly (as shown below). pastedGraphic_5.png



3. Customer management page settings

Go to [Customer Mangement] > [Customers], click View on the right side of the customer information box, and click Edit to adjust the birthday dropdown list.pastedGraphic_7.png

If the birthday you set is lower than the age limit, an error notification of "Birthday is invalid, (the) age should (be) over 13 years old" will appear upon saving the setting.pastedGraphic_8.png

When you adjust the birthday format to YYYY/MM or MM/DD, the birthday format will appear accordingly (as shown below).pastedGraphic_9.png



4. Order customer details

Go to [Order Management] > [Orders], and click on the order number you wish to view. Click Edit at the top right of the "Order customer details" block to adjust the birthday dropdown list.pastedGraphic_11.png

Click Save after editing. The displayed birthday format on the "Order customer details" block is YYYY/MM, as shown below.
pastedGraphic_12.png*Note: For orders placed before 24 May 2023, the birthday format will remain in the old format.


5. Bulk import/export customers' information

A. Import customer report

Go to [Customer Management] > [Customers], click the Import Report, and select Import Report in the dropdown menu to import customer data. (Please refer to Import Customer Data|Customer List for more details.)pastedGraphic_13.png

When filling in the birthday field in the import report, the date in the sheet should meet your age limit requirement. Otherwise, the report will not be imported successfully and you will be notified by an error message "1 - Birthday is invalid, age should (be) over XX years old."


As mentioned, merchants can select three birthday formats: YYYY/MM/DD, YYYY/MM, and MM/DD. Pay attention to the age limit when selecting a format including the year. The system supports using "/" or "-" in the sheet. For example, you can enter either 1990/10/11 or 1990-10-11. 

B. Export customer report

Click Export next to the "Import Report" dropdown list. The date format will vary according to the birthday format you set.  pastedGraphic_15.png


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