Setup Store Currency

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Once you have established your store, the next step is to set up the default store currency. Please note that once your store currency is selected, no modifications can be made afterward.

We recommend you charge your customers using the currency of the Country/Region or area you reside. Practically speaking, we suggest setting your default store currency the same as your online payment collection account's currency. 


● You're a Hong Kong merchant, and you have a PayPal account (in HKD), then you have to set your store currency as HKD.


If your products are sold in multiple countries or regions, there's no need to worry about currency issues for overseas customers while browsing. You can enable the Multiple Currency Display feature. This feature allows customers to freely choose their preferred currency when browsing the store, according to their familiar currency. However, during the final checkout, charges will still be collected in the currency set for your store. Customers can choose to proceed with the transaction using the issuing bank's or payment gateway's exchange rates.


*Note: The store currency is set to display based on the customer's IP location by default. If the currency used in the customer's location is not supported by the store, it will display the set currency in the SHOPLINE Admin under [Settings] > [Basic Settings] > [Default currency of your shop].


Currencies currently supported by SHOPLINE are as follows.



You will be directed to your Admin Panel Dashboard after you've set your currency.





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