Setup Store Currency


After creating you store, the next step is to setup default store currency. 

⚠ Please note:Currency once selected, no modifications are allowed 

We recommend you to charge your customers using the currency of the Country/Region or area you reside. Practically speaking, we suggest to set your default store currency the same as your online payment collection account's currency. 

For example: 

You're a Taiwan merchant, you have an ECpay account (in NTD), then you have to set store currency as NTD

You're a Hong Kong merchant, you have a PayPal account (in HKD), then you have to set store currency as HKD


If you're already selling your products cross-border, you don't have to worry about which currency your customers are viewing when they browse your store. SHOPLINE has Multiple Currency Display function to allow customers to choose their desired display currency. 

However, customers are still charged with your default store currency in checkout process, but they can choose either to pay with currency exchange rate offered by issuing bank or by the payment gateway. 


Currencies that SHOPLINE support are as follows:



You will be directed to your Admin Panel Dashboard after you've set your currency.


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