Enable "Instant Add to Cart" to the Shop | Advanced Design Settings


You can enable the "Instant Add to Cart" feature on all products and category pages.

This article will cover the following: 


1. Setup in Admin 

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Online Store Design] > [Design] and click Advanced Settings.



Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the "Enable 'Instant Add to Card' to the shop" box, you can also set the method of how the link is opened:

  • Open link in current window: When the customer clicks on the product, the product information page will open in the same window.
  • Open link in a new window: When the customer clicks on the product, the product information page will open in another window. 

Once setup is complete, click the Save and Publish button on the bottom right.  




2. Storefront layout

Once the feature is enabled, when the customer's cursor hovers over a product, an "ADD TO CART" button will display. 


  • Products without variation: When the customer clicks the "Add to cart" button, the product will be added to the cart directly.
  • Products with variations: When a customer clicks the "Add to cart" button, the following window will pop up (shown in the image below). First, select the product variation, then click the button again to add the item to the cart. 



Once successfully added to the cart, the cart will display the products added.



3. New page builder

Enable feature

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Product Settings] to select whether to display the "Show 'Instant Add to Cart' Button in the Store" button. 



Set button color 

Proceed to [Online Store Design] > [Pages] and click the Advanced Page button to open the new page builder. On the left menu, click Store Settings > Color, you will be able to adjust the background and text color of the "Primary button". For more information, please refer to this article









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